Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fukushima Video

blue glow-- so pretty-- over radioactive snow

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  1. Humans can be 26000% over the limit for Contaminated Meat
    Of course, the calculation is only illustrative of the fact that a massive amount of deadly radiation was released from Fukushima.

    This shows that just the Cesium alone, as officially reported is enough to push all humans to being 26,000% over the limit for being contaminated meat (using 500Bq/kG).

    Now the reality is that humans won't get all the Caesium, we can share that with all the rest of the animals and plants in the world. Share the Pain!!!!!!!!! Something to be thankful for, LOL, ouch.

    Here is the news story and the calculation

    AND THIS IS COOL POLL, stop by and fill out of the poll, 30 seconds.


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