Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Two X-CLass Solar Flares Heading Our Way

The story was related at Enenews by 
"X5 solar storm, 3rd largest of last 50 years, coming our way, I think it takes like 3 days.
Gas up your generator."

The Watchers provides the video

The Christian Science Monitor reports that the blow will be "glancing":

"First-look data from Stereo-B are not sufficient to determine if the cloud is heading for Earth," astronomer Tony Phillips wrote on his website, which monitors space weather events. "Our best guess is 'probably, yes, but not directly toward Earth.' A glancing blow to our planet's magnetosphere is possible on March 8th or 9th." [Worst Solar Storms in History]"

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  1. Well I did test the generator and backup the computers.

    I am at 22N latitude, those at 50N ought to be very afraid, esp in middle of winter.


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