Sunday, March 25, 2012

WSJ: Judge Overturns EPA Ruling Against Arch Coal Mine

Wall Street Journal p. A5 March 24-25

[Excerpted] "A federal judge said the Environmental Protection Agency overstepped its authority in revoking a permit for an Arch Cola Inc. surface mine that was to be the largest proposed mountaintop-removal coal mine in Appalachia...

"...the process involves blasting the topsoff mountains to gain access to coal seams while filling the valleys and streams with the overlying dirt and rock..."

Majia here: Apparently the permit had been issued by the Army Corps of Engineers in 2007. The judge stated that the Corps' permit remained valid and that EPA did not have the authority to modify or revoke the water permit.

Blasting mountaintops away and then filling in valleys and streams with debris are crimes against the biosphere.

"Mountaintop mining" has polluted the water of streams and rivers. It kills fish and destroys residents' drinking water

In 2010 the EPA announced it would attempt to reign in this raping of the land

This type of mining is a clear violation of the Clean Water Act (passed in 1972).

More wanton destruction of our national heritage for an energy source that poisons us all.

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