Monday, January 30, 2012

Like Sheep going to the slaughter

Ex-SKF and Enenews are both running articles covering the offline nuclear plant in Ill that is spewing tritium infused steam that is purportedly safe

At Ex-SKF I find this comment posted. It is worth re-posting:

Anonymous said...
"The steam contains low levels of radioactive tritium, but the levels are safe for workers and the public, federal and plant officials said."

Yes, and we ignorant bastards are just supposed to accept the "safe" levels chosen by "the officials" without question like sheep going to the slaughter. The safe level for tritium is ZERO.

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  1. Just to add to our fun in Illinois we just had an earthquake here too. A 2.4 magnitude about 60 miles directly east of the Byron nuclear plant. This happened less than 24 hours from the nuclear incident.

    Illinois has the most nuclear reactors and stored nuclear waste of any state in the USA.
    Chenobyl, Fukushima, Illinois?


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