Monday, January 23, 2012

Study Finds that Childhood Leukemia Rates Double Near Nuclear Power Stations

International Journal of Cancer study by C. Sermage-Faure, D. Laurier, S. Goujon-Bellec, M. Chartier, A. Guyot-Goubin, J. Rudant, D. Hemon and J. Clavel, “Childhood leukemia around French nuclear power plants – the Geocap study, 2002 – 2007,” the document is online in English at:

[excerpted from summary at Oilprice] "The study by the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (French Institute of Health and Medical Research, or INSERM) found a leukemia rate twice as high among children under the age of 15 living within a 3.1-mile radius of France's 19 nuclear power plants....

The report builds upon the findings of a German study published in late 2007 studying German children under 5 years old, which found that children of that age in the vicinity of German NPPs had suffered an increase in the incidence of childhood leukemia."
SAMPLE: “The case-control study included all the 2,753 French childhood leukemia cases aged up to 15 years at the end of the year of diagnosis, diagnosed between 2002 and 2007, and residing in metropolitan France. The cases were obtained from the French National Registry of Childhood Hematological Malignancies (NRCH).”

“The age distribution of the cases included in the study showed the expected peak of incidence, between 2 and 4 years old.”
“Overall, the results suggest a possible excess risk of AL (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia) in the close vicinity of French NPPs in 2002-2007.”


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  1. I posted this some time ago on ENENews. I think it is good for a re-post here because of the similar topic.
    From: “Exelon Central”, in the lovely state of Illinois, USA, home to the most nuclear reactors and nuclear waste of any state in the USA. I live about 25 miles (40 km) from the Braidwood Nuclear Plant. The leaks of Tritium at Braidwood were only discovered after the parents of a 7 year old girl with a rare brain tumor started investigating the source of the brain tumor. A few years ago I learned about the leaks of Tritium there. The issue was compelling to me. One thing led to another and I ended up meeting the group of people who brought the issue to light there. One woman showed me a map of her neighborhood, in the shadows of the cooling towers, in which she had gone door to door asking about cancer in the household. I am not an epidemiologist but based on her map I wouldn’t move into that neighborhood. There were many cancers. Last I knew the people who lived in the area still received coupons from Exelon to get bottled water so they didn’t have to take the risk of drinking Tritium.
    Here are two links to the real backstory of how this issue at Braidwood unfolded. I have met the Mom of the girl in this story. She is an amazingly strong woman, our own Erin Brockovich,
    “Sarah Sauer at age seven fell ill with a brain tumor. The Sauers lived close to two nuclear power plants in Grundy County, Illinois, that had leaked millions of gallons of water containing tritium into the surrounding environment. Some of it seeped into water supplies used by local residents, including the Sauers, for drinking, bathing and cooking. Exelon, the owner of the plant and our nation’s largest supplier of nuclear energy, hadn’t informed the community of the leak. When the Sauers brought Sarah home from the hospital, her mother, Cindy, learned about an out-of-court settlement between Exelon and the Illinois attorney general of charges relating to violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act dating back to 1990. Sarah’s father, a physician with degrees in engineering, set about collecting data, did the calculated and found that brain cancers increased 30% and leukemias increased 31% within a 15-mile radius of the two reactors. The Sauers have moved far away from Exelon’s plants. Read more…
    Another story about Braidwood and the challenge to get information:,0,7706993.story


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