Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WSJ: "Ohio Shuts Wells Following Quakes"

Wall Street Journal January 3, 2012 p. A3.

My summary: waste water contaminated with fracking fluid is the byproduct of the process of fracking for natural gas. The ingredients in fracking fluid are regarded as proprietary information by drillers and are not released. However, it is known that these fluids are toxic.

Disposing of the contaminated waste water from fracking is a problem.

Deep wells are currently being drilled to store the fluid. This process is fraught with problems because if the fluids escape the well they can contaminate aquifers.

A long-suspected additional problem stemming from these wells is earthquakes.

Evidence is now accumulating that injecting the contaminated waste-water into wells actually causes earthquakes.

Here is what the Wall Street Journal reports: "Ohio became the latest state to take action on the possible link between seismic activity and wells used to dispose of wastewater from oil and gas production when state official ordered a halt to the practice near Youngstown this weekend after several minor earthquakes..."

"...The natural-gas industry has said there is no evidence their activities are causing earthquakes..."

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