Monday, January 2, 2012

Corruption Endemic in Government

Today 3 headlines on government corruption, which often (but not always) stems from industry revolving doors, bribes, extortion, etc.

Naked Capitalism has an excellent article with amazing charts on the revolving door between industry and government agencies in the US. This is a must-read article for US citizens

In Japan we have two headlines on corruption in the nuclear industry:

Japan Today: Nuclear safety panel received donations from industry: report
[Excerpt] "Almost a third of commissioners and examiners at Japan’s nuclear safety commission received donations from the country’s nuclear power industry, the Asahi Shimbun reported Sunday….The donations totaled about 85 million yen, the daily said…."

Mainichi: Cover-up of estimated costs to dispose of radioactive waste raises serious questions
[Excerpt] "Revelations that officials from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy concealed the estimated costs of disposing of spent nuclear fuel highlights the distorted logic of government officials who stick to reprocessing radioactive waste even by lying..."

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