Sunday, January 29, 2012

Childhood Leukemia and Nuclear Plants: Is Tritium the Main Culprit?

Childhood Leukemia Spikes Near Nuclear Power Plants By John LaForge, CounterPunch 28 January 12

[excerpted] "French researchers have confirmed that childhood leukemia rates are shockingly elevated among children living near nuclear power reactors.
The "International Journal of Cancer" has published in January a scientific study establishing a clear correlation between the frequency of acute childhood leukemia and proximity to nuclear power stations. The paper is titled, "Childhood leukemia around French nuclear power plants - the Geocap study, 2002-2007."
Here is a link to the original article

Majia here: My friend Capt Clyde Stanger has just completed a book on tritium that will be soon available. The book is an exhaustive analysis of tritium releases from the Palo Verde nuclear plant and a discussion of the significance of those releases for human health, particularly for the health of children and women, who are especially vulnerable.

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    The Carrington effect (solar storm) could cause a large area power loss that may take years to restore.

    And you know what happens to nuke plants when you take their power away.

    After a massive solar minimum, not seen in centuries, we are springing back with a solar maximum that is going to be a doozy. Even Sunday, another massive Coronal Mass Ejection threatens earth and we may get more than just a light show.

    And check out the other resources on the "Nukepimp" blog which is a stop the nukes site. Drop a comment.


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