Sunday, January 8, 2012


Revolution of the system would be impossible because the people who would assume power would succumb to the temptations, no doubt.

We need new laws that regulate the profiteering financial sector.

Then, we need to enact trade protections that allow productive capital in the U.S. to thrive in our country and we need to promote environmentally and ethically sustainable trade practices.

We need to strengthen and enforce our environmental laws.
We need to protect our population from toxic chemicals and dangerous forms of radiation threatening our DNA.

We need to work with other nations, especially Japan, to reduce the radiation that is going to compromise the human race over time.

We need to stop all wars and discontinue other kinds of aggression against other nations in the world.

And they need to do the same.

We must respect the people, everywhere, as valuable citizens and we must protect and nurture their children while working with the entire planet to reduce our consumption of resources, including by non-coercive efforts to reduce growth.

We must become aware and not let citizens sleep.

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