Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fire Captured on Fukushima Web Cam

Hat tip: Fukushima Diary posted, Moonshellblue pointed it out at Enenews.

The fire emerges in the shrubbery at about 2:00 minutes. At 4:04 you can see the fire in its purple glory. It is small, but obvious.

Other posters said larger fires were also evident at the plant today. I was working and couldn't check.

For instance, Ace33 wrote: "massive fire unit 4 jnn camera is foggy but clearly see it and on the tepco cam there are 5 or 6 streams of water clearly fighting or trying to refill spf 4."

James2 observed that it looks as if unit 5 or 6 is burning very hot as well. You can see units 5 and 6 starting at about 8:00 minutes into this video. It looks as if the cam operator wanted to show us something. Everyone should watch it from 8 minutes on.

People who post these types of comments report truthfully as they see the events unfolding because they know that everyone who reads the thread will be checking for themselves on the cam.

It is not at all surprising that Tokyo's radiation levels spiked given all of the recent earthquake activity near the plant and the evident fires. 

Some people have suggested that the earthquakes in the vicinity of the plant might even be hydrogen explosions under ground, caused by the melted coriums from units 1 and 2.

I can hardly wait to see what happens to radnet readings this week in the US given recent events at the plant and Tepco's public acknowledgment that radiation emissions are growing and are greater than December's.

Of course, the contractor who runs radnet for the EPA might just decide to censor all the data to avoid any unnecessary panic.

We wouldn't want you to worry about all the excess radiation that is bombarding your DNA.

I guess I'm really just tired of the baloney. I am tired of being lied to and deceived. I am tired of reading twitters from people in Japan who are losing hair, nails, and blood (the last from copious bleeding). I am tired of the complacency toward genocide. Yes I am.

I'm going to re-post the summary of the situation provided by James2. He is just an observer, as we all are, but my experience over the last 10 months has been that our observations are far more accurate than Tepco pronouncements. James' comments have been insightful in the past. Take them or leave them.

James: So I think you can count my predictions of what’s happening at Fukushima at least as accurate as Tepco’s.
After all – I’m wrong some of the time, but I’m never, ever intentionally misleading anybody. I don’t lie about the data, or cover up the photos or create something out of thin air to advance my agenda.
In fact, I think you can pretty much assume if Tepco says something, it’s possibly a flat out lie and likely has quite a bit of “fudging” going on.
Here’s what I think is going on at Fukushima – based on 10 months of reading between the lines and extensive observation.
1. The coriums of #1 and #2 are below the building and have been for months. They occasionally send plumes of highly radioactive steam through the ground and up to the surface. These can kill workers unexpectedly. They are still pumping water and nitrogen in, but it isn’t cooling them down.
2. Much of the Mox core of #3 blew out in the explosion on March 14th. Some of it remained in the containment where it had already melted to prior to the explosion. Some of it landed on the north end of the building after the explosion and has melted down into an open China Syndrome pit – that ejects a continuous stream of vapor.
3. The spent fuel pool of #1 is likely still intact – although something burned off a big chunk of the west side of the “tent” two months after they installed it. They’ve photoshopped over the burned material on the webcams (this has been discussed and confirmed on the webcam thread)
4. The SFP2 is likely leaking, and this caused a hole to be formed in the SW corner of the building – which is visible in the cams, but it has been disguised as foliage on the cams.
5. SFP3 was intact after the explosion of the building on March 14, but full of debris. It had been kept relatively cool until on or around December 5th, when it started to collapse and the water ran out. At that time the spent fuel got hot and started openly “burning”. (Tacomagroove hates it when I use that term – because it is normally reserved for oxidizing fires – not nuclear fires – but it works for me) . Since the pool has collapsed completely. They keep a crane parked in the way most of the time, but the corium has spilled directly out of the pool right at the TBS cam view – you can occasionally see it as a “river of black” flowing out of the former SFP area, although they normally photoshop over it – additionally you can see two flames almost continuously there – one from near the SE corner of the building – with flames sometimes reaching 60 feet or more – and one just to the right of the vent tower base on the JNN cam. This pool has been emitting lots of radiation continuously for two months.

6. SFP4 – which contains more fuel by weight than the cores of 1, 2, and 3 combined – has been leaking and burning since January 1. They have been madly trying to restore cooling to this pool, but so far to no avail. THIS IS THE SOURCE OF THE RADIATION SPIKES IN THE PAST FEW DAYS, and no one offsite can tell whether the pool has collapsed yet or is simply getting hotter and hotter because they can’t keep cooling water in it. There are “fires” in several spots in or around #4 SFP, and emissions from it are clearly visible at times on the cams – although they work hard to keep them invisilble.

7. Common spent fuel pool. This pool contains 6300 spent fuel assemblies (compared to the largest reactor based SFP4 at about 1500 assemblies. It sits physically only a few hundred feet from the #4 SFP. I thought back in July that it has started burning, but I think now I was wrong and they had started burning debris – which threw me off. The CSFP should be a cinch to keep cool, since it is accessible at ground level and doesn’t connect with a reactor core – but nothing at FUKU is a cinch these days – I hope they can keep this one intact. I wish they would move the fuel out of it.
8. Units 5 and 6 : At 8:10 you can just barely make out the reactors 1-4 on the right and 5-6 on the left – 5-6 are burning hard. Flames engulfing the building hard. Then at 10:23 and 12:23 – you get additional brief views.

 end James2's comments


  1. I cannot find the image/vid ACE33 is speaking of, so cannot form an impression. I'm anxious to see it.

    I can confirm the small fire. It's the first one I've been certain of for months, and I was once a fire fighter as well as an aerial photo interpreter. I felt that it was actually a bit farther away than the shrubbery, in front of #4 for example, and that it covered a surprisingly wide area.

    I've done such a poor job of spotting the "Photoshopping" that I can form no opinion. But sometimes the things that have been accused of this look to me as though they could be proven one way or the other by submission to an actual forensic photo examiner. This would include images of Five and Six and the Diani buildings. Who might be able to do this?


    On none of the others could I see much that was conclusive, however the lighting at 5-6 does look very strange and James2 may have a point. Clearly the camera operator wants us to see something there (and at Daini too) without directly disobeying some sort of written or verbal order and so keeps "sweeping past" the objects of interest. Number Four, with the strange light in the SFP area gets a lot of attention as well. There is a flashing red light at Daini and a flashing red light north of Daichi. That's all I can be sure of, and I'm really trying -- though there is someone at ENE who seems unwilling to accept any of my observations or photo interpretation at present, so I have quieted down a bit there for the sake of peace.

    What do you make of the suddenly clear image at the end of the 8 minute vid? Was there a filter on for most of the vid that shows the radiation more easily?

  2. Don't wear yourself out, Majia, we are going to need you. Here, for a change of pace, see what you think of this: http://risashome.blogspot.com/2012/01/honest-living.html

    Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite!

  3. I just saw the video, if it is a form of night vision on the camera and you see the "flying particles", (the zigzag's obstruction in color) as they go back and forth, could it be the radiation in the air. It is my impression because afterwards the person remove's it and then they scan back after the cover plate is off, the picture is crystal clear?. Just my observation and either way, it is messed up for all of us.


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