Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strange Coincidence in Radiation Readings

Bakersfield, Yuma, Fresno, San Diego and Phoenix ALL HAVE DATA MISSING for both beta and gamma from Jan 27 to Jan 29 (roughly) for EPA's Radnet. 

And each of these cities has a beta spike after the missing time period.

After looking at more cities across the nation I see that the entire system was offline during this time period.

How is it that data are missing for all of these cities during the same time period when the data monitoring stations are physically independent?

I hope there is a good (i.e., non-alarming reason) for these cities being offline together.
Phoenix was up to 450 CPM beta today. Was it even higher 2 days ago?

My measured mind suggests a technical issue.

My suspicious mind wonders whether the readings from Fukushima were just too high to report.

My conspiratorial mind wonders whether the system is taken offline whenever an American nuclear plant has a significant event, as reported in IL.



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  1. http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/net2/Corvallis-OR-Real-Time-US-Radiation-Monitoring-Graph.aspx

    My own readings at home were higher today than during the gap, however not huge, about .19 mcSv.


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