Friday, December 30, 2011

WSJ: "French Train China Nuclear Experts"

Wall Street Journal Dec 29 2011 p. B3 

France is a major nuclear power and exporter of nuclear technology. 

This article examines how a French state-owned power company, Electricite de France SA, is training Chinese citizens in nuclear technology and safety. There are a few telling quotes from the article:

"The opening of the school underscores the lengths France is going to ensure [sic] its four-decade-long, 250 billion investment in nuclear energy continues to pay off. It also shows how the fate of France's nuclear industry is becoming increasingly entwined with China's."

The French academy's "24 million six-year budget is provided by a consortium of business including EDF, Areva and China Guandong Nuclear Power Holding Co..."

I believe this article demonstrates how entrenched institutionally the nuclear power industry is in many western economies.

Corporate self-interest and greed will prevail, even while millions and millions of people sicken and die from Fukushima.

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  1. Don't throw in the towel at this point. A turning of the cesium laced tides is feasible, even likely.


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