Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Distorting Lens

We who follow the Fukushima mega-disaster are forced to witness those events that unfold visibly through a distorting lens that generates more uncertainties than answers.

The Fukushima webcam is a deliberate travesty designed to distort and mislead, while superficially placating those who call for transparency.

Please see Potrblog's latest post on precisely this point

The same can be said for the EPA’s radnet, which is also a travesty of transparency as it has been very overtly compromised by censorship and data manipulation. Look for yourself and see the censorship and manipulation. http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/04/12/realtime-epa-radnet-japan-nuclear-radiation-monitoring-every-us-city-single-page-16511/

We who follow the Fukushima mega-disaster are a diverse group representing people from many countries. What unites us is our understanding that this disaster is without doubt the largest human-made catastrophe ever recorded.

Yet, we are without leadership as the officials of our so-called democracies lie and censor data pertaining to the state of the plant and the extent of ongoing radiation releases.

What understandings we do have are gleaned from sifting through multiple and frequently contradictory press releases and discussing nuances in long discussion forums.

The occasional remarks from experts, such as the recent warning of a possible hydrovolcanic explosion made by the architect of reactor 3, reinforce our sense that there is no plan, no cooperation, and no willingness to make economic sacrifices to protect the people of Japan, the people of Earth.

The world’s soulless and corrupted nuclear industry may know the extent of peril, but they are not sharing that information.

There is always a path forward aimed at securing life, even in the most dire of circumstances. 

Unfortunately, it is increasingly apparent that self-serving interests have no sense of collective responsibility. The avarice of our corporations and our elite will be humanity’s undoing.

And so we who follow Fukushima scan webcams, radiation readings, and headlines. We make inferences and deductions. Sometimes our guesses are corroborated by data and sometimes our extrapolations are invalidated. 

The limits of our understanding stem not from our shortcomings, but rather are by design; they are strategically engineered by those who allow us only to peer through a distorting lens.

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