Friday, December 2, 2011

Fukushima Diary: Expert States Tokyo is on Path of Kiev

Fukushima Diary is translating an interview.  Below is a brief excerpt. Read the entire post here

"Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil, the chairman of German Society of Radiation Protection had a lecture in Berlin,and talked about Tokyo.

To the question about what we can do to minimize the damage of the accident, he answered:
“Nothing. There is no way to stop the nuclear fuel that has melted-through leaking. All we could do is to pray for the fuel not to touch the underground water vein.
We must avoid internal exposure from contaminated food. Authorities are trying to make Japanese eat polluted food for their twisted patriotism, but on the other hand, citizens are setting up independent labs around Japan. This is very important. However, lab facility costs are huge. Maintenance, recording the data costs too. Now, the best thing Germans can do is to support those independent facilities financially.”

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