Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Cold War Enriches Industries of Death, Leaving the Rest Impoverished and Threatening the Planet

Might Canada's enriched uranium, currently being imported into the US, be used for nuclear weapons production?

The Obama administration has vastly increased nuclear arms production:

We seem to be on the verge of nuclear brinkmanship once again.
The growing militarization of the globe was illustrated by the recent decision to build US bases in Australia.

US imperial strategy is confronting China and Russia in the war over control of global resources, including rare earths (controlled by China), oil, fresh water, farm land, etc. 

Control over the Middle East is being established as the US wages endless wars in the region.

Asia is also entering the new cold war. See Michael Klare's "A New Cold War in Asia?"

The only winners in this new cold/hot war are the defense contractors and other corporate parasites feeding off of the industries of death.

Japan's new PM Noda is happy to play the role of the Asian merchant of death.

I think it instructive to examine this headline found in today's Wall Street Journal: "Japan Lifts Decadeslong Ban on Export of Weapons" p. A8

The article states that the Japanese ban on exports of advanced military technology was introduced in 1967 and tightened in 1976. The ban is now being lifted.

"Japan's leading big-business lobby, the Keidanren,which has been one of the strongest proponents of easing the arms-export ban, welcomed the move."

Japan also plans to purchase 42 of Lockheed Martin's "pricey F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter planes to replace its Air Self Defense Force's aging fleet of 1960s era F-4 jets. Japan said it plans to spend Y1.6 trillion ($20.8 billion) on the program over the next 20 years..."

Japan hopes to reduce some of the cost by building and exporting components to other F-35 buyers.
So, while Japan's central government fails to decontaminate, or even contain Fukushima, it has no compunctions about spending billions on a new arms race...


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