Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Call From the EPA

EPA called me again yesterday. A tech and a conversation facilitator called from the Washington DC radnet.

The EPA admitted that the beta and gamma spikes recorded for Phoenix by radnet were "accurate" in the sense that there have been significant gamma and beta peaks, but attributed them to "radon" and "normal variation."

I mentioned that radon is a decay product of Uranium and could be from Fukushima.

They said that radon is normal in Phoenix.
I told them that there had not been this kind of "normal variation" in spikes and I've been monitoring since late March, early April and the spikes are now higher than anything I'd seen during the early days of the crisis.

They insisted such variation--i.e., spikes--is normal. 

It was kind of like tug-of-war.

I also asked about the straight lines on the gamma and beta charts. 

They said that they sometimes find the data flawed or do not receive data, so the graphs show straight lines...

I mentioned I found the timing of the straight lines rather odd. Why would there be straight lines in gamma during the large solar flare in December of 2010? I would think that would be interesting information to collect.

The tech did tell me how to run searches on NOAA from Fukushima's coordinates and then the administrator ended the call.

Since yesterday, radnet has been censoring the Phoenix beta and gamma data. I guess that someone doesn't want people [i.e. me?] to have the data.

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