Saturday, August 7, 2010

What is Really Going on in the Gulf?

Several weeks ago I looked at the NOA reports and saw the 2 main methane seeps that were later documented at Alexander Higgins Blog

I also tracked the grouping of boats using the marine tracking site. The grouping of boats in the days prior and immediately after tropical storm Bonnie mapped directly onto the two main methane seeps.

Most recently I've seen what are claimed to be copies of BP's drilling licenses for 2 distinct wells.

I don't know if these drilling records are authentic, but what I find disturbing is that the proposed drill sites in these records map directly onto the methane leeks and the marine groupings I observed previously.

In the mapping that I see echoed over and over the main well is analogically at the center of a clock. The second site is around the clock's 7, or directly southwest.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist but am now having trouble believing the official story....

My doubt about the official story is only enhanced by the baloney claims that the oil has disappeared from the Gulf and that the corexit is not toxic. The current must read story on this is at Huffington Post. It documents the vast destruction of animal life in the Gulf

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