Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Links and Headlines: Food, Corexit, and Targeted Killings


Steve Lendman writes: "On July 29, 2009, the House passed HR 2749: Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 "To amend the (1938 as amended) Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to improve the safety of food in the global market, and for other purposes."

Lendman criticizes the bill as empowering agribusiness while disempowering small, local food producers. Lendman is not alone in making this criticism. Read his article and decide for yourself. The Intel hub reports that the appointment of a former Monsanto employee at the FDA by Obama points to how this bill will operate. I hope that is not the case.


It is clear that corexit is still being sprayed (see my previous posts or read Washington's blog for details). Clean the Gulf Now has an excellent article on why the widespread spraying of corexit constitutes the largest chemical experiment ever. And we and the animals and plants of the Gulf are the lab rats.

Last but not least, the Wall Street Journal Reports:
"Suit Challenges Reach of U.S. 'Targeted Killings'" p. A7

Thank you ACLU for standing up to tyranny!

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