Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Success on Surface, Questions Below": The American Chernobyl

The Wall Street Journal ran this article today by J. Ball on page A4. The article examines the "trade-offs" of dispersant use in the Gulf and notes that in June and July federal regulators "granted almost-daily waivers allowing dispersants to be sprayed."

The WSJ surprised me today. Unlike so many other mainstream media, it debunked the BP engineered and media-promulgated myth that the oil has disappeared.

The best place to see clips of biologists claiming the oil is still around, just submerged, can be found here:

Alternet dispelled the idea that the environmental impact will be muted, postulating decades of adverse effects on wildlife (and people too!)

One biologist who has studied the long-term impact of oil spills was quoted:

"'My prediction is that we will be dealing with the impacts of this spill for several decades to come and it will outlive me,' Dr. Ed Cake, a biological oceanographer, as well as a marine and oyster biologist, told IPS, 'I won't be here to see the recovery.'"

Florida Oil spill news has a clip from another biologist warning of submerged oil:

And Raw story reports on BP's tactic of using video loops to replace live footage whenever events occur that might call into question the official "rosy" story:

In addition to the environmental and health horrors, what disturbs me about this disaster is the outright deception that has occurred by our government. I have posted on this many times but the complicity of the main stream media in dropping this ONGOING cataclysm simply makes me physically sick.

Witnessing this overt censorship, deception, lies, etc. has deeply affected me. I never have trusted the media or the government, but this degree of cover-up when public health is at issue is truly mind boggling...

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