Thursday, August 5, 2010

Accumulating Evidence that Well is Leaking Oil and Methane

Alexander Higgins looks at ROV footage and identifies oil and methane leaks

Another site has some commentary by self-proclaimed oil authorities who say the leaks indicate that the well integrity is compromised. These comments are worth reading:
I'm going to quote passages:

"If this thing had worked, (It hasn't) there would be no leaking oil, it would be leaking mud.

They are most likely pumping through the rupture disks in the 16" and thence into the formations at the 18" and or 22" shoes.

The reason this is, it's because the rupture disks have already failed, they were designed to rupture below the burst pressure of the 16" which is 6,917psi and below the collapse pressure of the 9-7/8" which is 5,340psi at the casing hanger.

They have pulled the same scam they did on the first top kill, declaring it a success, when everyone watching an ROV cam knew different, dead wells don't flow, PERIOD!.

The leaks on the BOPs are getting worse not better, as would be the case if the well were dieing do to the hydrostatic of the mud. Their pump pressure should be decreasing with each bbl of mud pumped, until the mud reached the producing formation, it has not done so.

if they were pumping mud down the path of the oil flow, given the rate of leakage from the several places in the BOPs, there would be mud flowing from those leaks, as the oil would have been displaced out of the stack trough them and replaced with the inflowing kill mud, that has not happened as the leaks are still flowing oil and gas. The pressure to push mud up the stack and out of the leaks would be less than the pressure to push it downhole, 2,200psi vs 7,000psi.

Just an educated guess but the combined leaks are probably close to 1/2 to 1 bpm in volume, they have been pumping for close to 24 hours, the stack holds about 30bbls the leaks should be emitting mud, they are not.
There is no evidence of a decrease in pressure, even though BP does not show the readings, that too is obvious as the leaks are increasing in size, rate and number not decreasing as they should if the well was dying due to mud hydrostatic. (If the Pressure was dropping)....

I have been doing well kills for 25 years, I am not a worm.

The well is either not dead or they are still pumping on it, as oil and gas are still coming out of the leaks. Mud is not...."

There is a lot more and additional comments agreeing with this person's analysis.

I'm not an expert on oil or drilling, but as a rhetorician, I'm concerned: BP has been lying from the outset and the Government has been slow to catch on.

I don't trust BP and I sure don't believe the oil has "disappeared" when it simply has been dispersed and submerged. EPA's whistle blower, Kaufman, has gone on the record stating the oil is still present, simply submerged. Kaufman also accused BP of basically buying off scientists.

What a mess and what a tragedy for the people of the Gulf and environment...

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