Monday, August 9, 2010

Matt Simmons is Dead

There are conflicting reports about how he died. Some reports say he died of a heart-attack. Others say he drowned. Maybe both happened. I don't know.

There is quite a lot of debate going on today at zero hedge.

Some people say Simmons' claims were crazy. Others doubt he would risk his reputation if he didn't believe what he was saying.

One of the issues debated at the zero hedge site is the truth of this article that was cited as support for Simmons' claims about the fractured sea bed:

The Pravda article reports that a Russian scientist claimed the Gulf sea floor was severely fractured and that the corexit is going to end up in precipitation in the regions.

The zerohedge comment said this Pravda article was debunked. Here is my commentary on all of this:

I wonder if the person whose blog is quoted here speaks Russian. I also wonder why Pravda would report falsely about Dr. Sagalevitch's comments. Academics tend to get rather irate when false statements are attributed to them in the press (I know--I'm an academic).

I'm not implying that I believe everything Simmons said was true, or that I thought that nuking the well was a good idea.

However, BP is lying about the condition of the ocean floor. The government's own data show lots of significant methane seeps. The 2 largest seeps were at the riser pipe and immediately southwest of it. Check out the last 2 pages of the report here:

I also tracked the grouping of boats at the Deepwater site using the online marine tracking system around the time immediately before and after the tropical storm Bonnie. The grouping of boats in the days prior to, and immediately after, tropical storm Bonnie mapped directly onto the two main methane seeps.¢erx=-88.23762¢ery=28.56287#

Most recently I've seen what are claimed to be copies of BP's drilling licenses for 2 distinct wells.

I don't know if these drilling records are authentic, but what I find disturbing is that the proposed drill sites in these records map directly onto the 2 main methane leaks and the marine groupings I observed previously. The locations match.

BP is chopping up dead sea mammals while at sea in order to avoid paying fines, according to the article "The Poisoning" reported at The Rolling Stone magazine. Contaminated sand on public beaches is simply being covered up with clean sand (until contaminated with the next high tide).

Quite a few marine biologists and toxicologists have come out publicly, including an EPA whistleblower (Hugh Kaufman), with their concerns about the millions of gallons of toxic corexit used in the Gulf. The use of corexit, sprayed underwater and by planes, explains the "dispersion" of oil and its lack of overt visibility.

BP has lied. The government has lied (about the safety of corexit). I'm more inclined to believe there are elements of truth to Matt Simmons' stories than the proven falsehoods of government agencies and BP.

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