Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Nuclear News

National and state level efforts to prop up an ailing nuclear industry are described as "Chernobyl Socialism" by Wasserman:
Wasserman, Harvey (2019, June). Ohio's "Chernobyl Socialism" Would Hand $20 Million to Seven Utility Scammers. Reader Supported News, https://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/57020-rsn-ohios-qchernobyl-socialismq-would-hand-20-million-to-seven-utility-scammers

Wasserman's points are especially well-taken when one considers the risks posed by aging nuclear reactors in the midwest now facing near-record rising levels:
Smith, Mitch (2019, June 10) Paralysis on America's Rivers: There's too much water. The New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/10/us/flooding-river-shipping.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_190611?campaign_id=2&instance_id=10068&segment_id=14168&user_id=96df00a4a9c822b03be11b8b3c7df254&regi_id=329620000611

The huge amounts of water that have rushed through the system in recent months have sent rivers bursting from their banks and made them hazardous for travel.  As the climate changes, scientists warn that the Midwest and South will experience more periods of intense rain, which can contribute to floods. May was the second-wettest month on record in the 48 contiguous states, federal officials said.

The risks of overwhelmed rivers have already been seen. Two barges broke loose in Oklahoma last month and careened down the flooded Arkansas River, raising fears that they would smash into a dam and cause it to fail, with devastating consequences downstream. The barges did eventually strike a dam, but it was only slightly damaged. A few days earlier in St. Louis, water levels were so high that a towboat struck a bridge.

Despite the hazards of rising rivers for nuclear facilities, there is little-to-no news, at least according to a Google "news" search I conducted on midwest flooding and nuclear power plants:


  1. https://5newsonline.com/2019/06/01/swollen-arkansas-river-from-space/
    swollen well beyond it's banks

  2. NEW "Hypoxic Zone" 500 miles wide!


    1. Reblogged From Mining Awareness

      As governor, Perry went to extraordinary lengths to let the fossil fuel giant Energy Transfer Partners run a pipeline through the ecologically fragile, natural wonders of Texas’ pristine Big Bend region. In fact, he rammed it right down the throats of local people, who were almost unanimously opposed.

      Perry then accepted a $6 million campaign donation [1] — i.e., a payoff — from the company’s corporate boss, who later made Perry a paid member of the corporation’s board of directors.

      Perry also privatized a state-run, low-level nuclear waste facility, turning it over to Waste Control Specialists, a firm owned by a major campaign contributor. Then he let the corporation double the amount of waste dumped there, while reducing its legal liability for damages.

      Finally, after taking even more cash from the owner, Perry pushed to let him put high-level nuclear waste in the dump.[2]

      Rick Perry has zero expertise or experience for the job of energy secretary, but he has plenty at stiffing the American people and our environment.

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  3. We are talking about the flood around Arkansas On NPP in comments on this blog post -

  4. 3 gorges dam, China. Understand the enormity of what is coming at us if the dam collapses. Wuhan is currently under flooding and it seems there is a natural event that may create havoc july/august
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=847&v=9CqOtmin5VM&feature=emb_logo Info on the dam starts about 14 min in the video. Plowboy


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