Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Excellent News! Supreme Court Backs State Ban on Uranium Mining

This is great news for citizens who don't want their water supplies contaminated by uranium:
Liptak, A. (2019, June 18). Supreme Court Upholds Virginia’s Ban on Uranium Mining. The New York Times,

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that Virginia may ban uranium mining in the state.

The case, Virginia Uranium v. Warren, No. 16-1275, was decided by fractured vote, with two three-justice blocs agreeing on the bottom line but differing in their reasoning. A third group of three justices dissented.

The case started with the discovery of the largest known deposit of uranium in the United States in the 1970s in Pittsylvania County, Va. After a private company began leasing the mineral rights, state lawmakers imposed an indefinite moratorium on uranium mining.

The question for the justices was whether a federal law, the Atomic Energy Act, barred the state moratorium. That law regulates what can be done with uranium and the radioactive waste it generates after it is extracted from the earth. If the federal law applied, it would have displaced the moratorium and allowed mining to proceed.

This decision is extremely important because the next big mining/refining fury is going to be in rare earths because China is threatening to limit exports (controlling 90% of market).

Already there are efforts to expand mining of rare earths in the US. Rare earth mining and refining, like uranium extraction, produces lots of toxic and radioactive waste.

We must develop supply chains that are not dependent on HIGHLY TOXIC raw resources!



    Secrecy News
    DoD Doctrine on Nuclear Operations Published, Taken Offline
    Posted on Jun.19, 2019 in Dept of Defense, "Military Doctrine by Steven Aftergood
    The Joint Chiefs of Staff briefly published and then removed from public access a new edition of their official doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons. But a public copy was preserved. See Joint Publication 3-72, Nuclear Operations, June 11, 2019.

    The document presents an unclassified, mostly familiar overview of nuclear strategy, force structure, planning, targeting, command and control, and operations.

    “Using nuclear weapons could create conditions for decisive results and the restoration of strategic stability,” according to one Strangelovian passage in the publication. “Specifically, the use of a nuclear weapon will fundamentally change the scope of a battle and create conditions that affect how commanders will prevail in conflict.”

    The document might have gone unremarked, but after publishing it last week the Joint Chiefs deleted it from their public website. A notice there states that it (JP 3-72) is now only “available through JEL+” (the Joint Electronic Library), which is a restricted access site. A local copy remains publicly available on the FAS website."

    1. Trump is opening uranium mining up everywhere else and the profits from the evil will not go to america.
      Trump has abrogated all medium range missile treaties and small nuclear weapons treaties so he can nuke iran with tactical nuclear weapons as Cheney, Bolton, Rufsfeld, Wolfowitz, Abrams, Pompeo wanted to do in starting in 2004.

      Trump is a monster. There are so many more old catastrophically dangerous reactors in america! There is so much more nuclear waste! The asshole is
      abrogating nuclear proliferation treaties! The monster trump is massively increasing nuclear arms production and small tactical nuclear weapons production! It is deregulating nuclear reactor supervision at a time of extreme vulnerability from climate change!
      It is reclassifying the most dangerous radionuclide high-level nuclear waste as low level to park it everywhere and, shallow bury it over aquifers! It is subsidizing reactors that are ready to explode! It
      is pushing Uranium mining in the Grand Canyon and fracking! It is threatening nuclear war in Iran! It is a monster!

    2. Some People say Pelosi is not impeaching Trump Because, she is trying to Accrue evidence to Jail Him. Only the Worst Scumbags in the Rightist-Corporate Democratic Establishement Could Float Such a Sickening Lie.

      People who have been involved with politics for many years understand that Trump will not ever go to jail. It is hard for people to understand it, who have not lived it and worked in the american system at Democratic party- Grassroots levels or at any other grass-roots level.

      Nancy pelosi refused to impeach bush2, after virtual martial law was imposed in america from 911, the patriot act, daily false coded terrorist alerts in america to keep fear going , the blatant electronic rigging of the elections in 2004 in ohio, florida, and other states the consolidation of mass surveilence and the police state in the DHS.

      Holtec has parked 10s of thousands of inadequately contained highlevel nuclear waste in thin stainless steal cannisters at san onofre in texas in newmexico at nuclear plants all over the us each cannister contains tons of cobalt60ccesium 134-137, plutonium, strontium 90 technetium uranium and more. Each canniater is like a huge dirty bomb and there are hundreds of them. Holtec has been charged with illegal practices, bribery and evading taxes as they are allowed to put america at risk.

      Some People say Pelosi is not impeaching Trump Because, she is trying to Accrue evidence to Jail Him. Only the Worst Scumbags in the Rightist-Corporate Democratic Establishement Could Float Such a Sickening Lie.

      People who have been involved with politics for many years understand that Trump will not ever go to jail. It is hard for people to understand it, who have not lived it and worked in the american system at Democratic party- Grassroots levels or at any other grass-roots level.

      Nancy pelosi refused to impeach bush2, after virtual martial law was imposed in america from 911, the patriot act, daily false coded terrorist alerts in america to keep fear going , the blatant electronic rigging of the elections in 2004 in ohio, florida, and other states the consolidation of mass surveilence and the police state in the DHS

    3. Most citizens have no voice in America. The vast majority of the American Electorate is marginalized . Monsters Like Trump and George W. Bush, Obama take advantage of marginaliztion to seize power, with their false dichotomies. The illusions of democracy.

      The republicans impeached clinton at the peak of his popularity, to fulfill extreme neoconservative agandas . They used the false-narrative-fallout later, on to justify the Bush2 reign of terror, with their base. The rightist imperial-democrats were complicit in George W Bush’s reign of terror, because they did nothing about the massive voting irregularities and supreme court coup, that lost the other corporate rightist-Gore, the election.

      Bill Clinton was very pronuclear, by the way, as Gore would have been.

    4. Obama pushed through a massive trillion dollar nuclear weapons deal, as trump has. Trump has gone several steps further by abrogating nuclear proliferation treaties. Trump is expanding the creaton of small tactical nuclear-weapons programs.

      Trump will not be jailed, anymore than white millionares and billionaires in america, get away with murdering wayward spouses or, rich kids get away with mowing down and murdering 5 innocents, while others go to prison for shoplifting.

      The nature of politics in america is still Jim Crow in the south. Black people are actively blocked from voting in southern states, by bogus police roadblocks in their precincts. They are lied to and misdirected, to understaffed polling stations, about voting times. Their votes are thrown out. The democrats pay lip service to acknowleding that racial-vote-suppression occurs. The democratic establishment never does anything about. The democratic establishment now run by People Like tom Perez, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein are a complicit part of a corporate duoploly, power-structure.

      There is no way they will jail Trump in america. America is dominated by the Military, the corporations and billionaires. They could possibly jail a progressive politician in America, as the corporate powers and military powers did Lula in Brazil, but not Trump.

    5. The corrupt politicians would not even Jail the most felonious political operative, in American History Karl Rove, who covered up George W Bushs draft dodging among other things. Karl Rove got Dan Rather of CBS fired for Exposing, Gerorge W. Bush’s draft-dodging and lies.
      The only way to slow down this juggernaut of war crimes, financial crimes, nuclear criminality, prevent an iran invasion, and keep trump from being reelected in this rotten
      corrupt-hornets nest of a country, is to impeach him now. There is so much Job and income insecurity, housing insecurity, poverty, stress, dissonance in america. Impeachment will not take Trump from power now, but it may keep him from getting reelected in a year .
      It is why he is preparing for a brutal war . It is to help insure Trump is reelected, like bush2 was.
      The corporate media’s job in america is to push both rightist parties, further right to do the bidding of the military, the corporations, oil companies, the bankers, wall-street and the billionaire elites. Their are very few people who truly advovate for the majority of americanswith in America .
      The so-called liberal billionaires like bill gates preach nuclear power, neoliberalism, tax cuts for the rich while there are 30 tent cities in his town of Seatte . People spend 90 of their income on rent, fewer own houses anymore. Taaahere are 60 thousand or more homeless in Seattle. Some lucky children are picked up from tent cities, in cold-seatle and bused to school. Worse than many third-world countries. That is what so-called international-philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates encourage in their Home City. They pay no property taxes, on their 140 million dollar mansion and complex in Seattle, because of their Tax-chiseling influence with government in Washington state.
      Progressive my ass. Bill gates lobbies to bring a million H1B Skilled laborers in to america a year , while american kids graduate with 150,000 dollar student loans and few job prospects.

    6. There are millions of real homeless, in america Housing is unaffordable for the many. People work 2 jobs to barely survive. Almost all have stagnant wages. No labor rights thnks to republican and democratic politicians and oligarchs like Gates and the Koch Brothers.
      Many people have little to no medical access in the abominable blood-sucking system. There arw illions in jails and prisons for nonsensical torts, misdemeanors and victimless crimes. 10s of millions in poverty as america spends a hundred billion dollars a year on orwellian intelligence agencies like the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the Secret Service,
      The NNSA or Nucear Nation Security agency to spy on antinuclear advocates. DEA, ATF, Various military intelligence agencys like Navy Intelligence agency that works with the NSA and FBI. The Massive Department of Homeland Security that was chartered by thr Patriot Act!, to coordinate all the extravagantly funded stasi spook organizations in merica. 20 more major intentligence agencies.

      The USA spends almost two-thirds of its budget, on the military and military-industrial- complex that WallStreet the Billionaires and politicians are heavily vested in.
      Harvey Wasserman closely documented the chicanery, collusion and vote rigging under George W Bush. The democratic establishment is a rightist corporate party.

      The people with the power and money in the democratic party, allow for dissent to shepard in suckers that are later slaughtered or become corrupted.
      The Two-Party-Structures of the United States Constitution, was setup to favor rich, white- slave owners. It has always had two rightist parties in power. America has been at war for most of the time, of it’s existence. The US has not been at war for only about 25 years of it’s existence . Jimmy Carter pointed out it out.

    7. The democratic-party-establishment,  colluded to keep bush2 in power . Pelosi, Schumer and all the democratic leadership actively encouraged the  invasion of iraq, by George W Bush.

      The only way to even come close, to hindering the terrible events that are unfolding and stand a chance at unseating this monster, is to impeach it now and get rid of the rightwing clones like biden.

      Pelosi is doing the same thing with Trump, she did with George W Bush. We have a feel for these manipulations and lies because we have been experiencing them since Reagan.

      The only democrat that did anything significant against nuclear power , climate change and the most for nuclear proliferation, was Jimmy Carter 42 years ago!

      Obama made the ramifications of the banking crisis worse.  Hillary Clinton put nazis in power in the ukraine. Hillary Clinton destroyed  Libya. Hillary Clinton sent 10s of thousands of more refugees to the USA border, by supporting coups by facist dictators,  in central america. The republicans and the the democratic-party establishment are owned by neoconservatives.  America is a Nuclear-Imperial duopoly and we always have predictable results.

      There is a very concentrated power conglomerate in the USA.
      It controls everything through citzens united
      The only way to slow down  this juggernaut of  They control AM radio, They have cable via CNN-MSNBC, acting like oppostition and supposedly part of the democratic party establishment as the warmongered with bush2 and do so with pelosi and trump now. Same for the New York Times. There is the Murdoch , Fox-newspaper, local TV News, Newspaper monopoly. There is the right-wing,  antenna TV, Local News, Newspaper monopoly run by Sinclair. Rush Limbaugh. Fox news They control it all and they are the rightist corporate, military, democrat and republican establishments that run america. It is a totalitarian entity of malevolent intent. It is sucking the life out of us all
      It is saturating the world with radionuclides and chemicals. It is destroying all genomes and living creatures. It is a military monster. It is not democratic . There is cambridge analytica and i360 on the internet that fund extemist websites, funds operatives  and buy data from facebook to target voters.

  2. Pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii bursts into tears when he plays at Carnegie Hall his own composition "Elegy for the Victims of the Tsunami of March 11, 2011 in Japan".

  3. Kevin blanch is a counterintelligence troll and a conman. Makes things worse. No money for the fraud-thing

    1. One step closer. A radionuclide plume, from a tactical nuclear attack on iran and it’s reactors will add as much to the the earth’s radionuclide burden as much as chernobyl and fukushima. Trump, the Mercers, The generala do not care.

      They are ready to do it. They have abrogated the treaties. They have built the tactical-nuclear weapons. They have planned to do it in Iran since 2004.

    2. Himalaya's melt rate doubles in 40 years

    3. Trump the demented, evil, greedy warmonger . It is frothing at the mouth to use a few tactical nukes on iran and its nuclear complexes. Something the Dick cheney-George W bush, war criminals bolton, pompeo, abrams have been frothing at the mouth to do since 2004.
      Nuke nuclear complexes to send radioactive plumes worse than chernobyl and fukushima, around the world.

      Trump the lying facist and imperial dictator, whose script is so well layed out . The same script of the Insane mass murderers in iraq. The insane genocidal-war-criminal-neoconservatives of the bbloody george w bush regime. The ones that were complicit with the saudis in 911 . The ones who consolidated the DHS , the Patriot Act , the daily terror alerts and martial law in america for 6 solid years. The fascist neoconservative devils that are about to institute a far more draconian and brutal version of george w bushs fascist, martial law state.

      Imperial Hubris and evil Harvey of Trump
      Partially reblogged from opednews
      By harvey wasseraman
      "Imagine yourself in Greece just after WW2. Revolution is in the air. The chances for social democracy are real.

      Then, in comes the US to impose a junta of history's most brutal generals. They torture and kill, lie, cheat and steal ... all with the backing of our military.

      Imagine yourself in Iran, 1953. Your nation has just duly elected a social democrat named Mossadegh. You and your family anticipate a bright future of free speech and economic opportunity.

      Then comes Kermit Roosevelt and the CIA. They foist the House of Pahlavi onto a horrified populace. The Shah runs humankind's most gruesome torture chambers. He pumps oil for the West while stealing billions from his people. He's ultimately hugged by none other than Jimmy Carter, America's great "human rights pioneer," who pays for the embrace with his presidency.

      Or put yourself in Congo/Zaire, 1961. Arising from the horrors of Belgian colonialism, you elect Patrice Lumumba, a grassroots postal worker. But CIA founder Allen Dulles "disappears" him to be replaced by Mobutu, a kleptocrat so brutal only the Agency could have invented him.

      Then try Chile, September 11, 1973. The western hemisphere's second-oldest democracy has just chosen the brilliant, Bernie-esque Salvador Allende to lead the country to social democracy. Then we murder him. We install the unspeakable Pinochet, who lets Milton Friedman and his "Chicago School" of "free market" fanatics join the general in utterly raping the nation.

      This list goes on and on. It dates back to our endless slaughter of the Indigenous. It follows with the invasions of Tripoli (and then the Halls of Montezuma) starting early in the 1800s. Our "Empire for Liberty" installs an endless array of savage imperial beasts to rip the throats from so many innocent nations. Somoza, Suharto, Marcos, the Duvaliers, Batista, Diem, Thieu, Ky ... they are all Donald Trump and he is them, along with the next one (like in Venezuela) and the one after that.

      The murders of those children at the border, the public billions he shoves into his mobster pockets, the rape of our air, water and food they all just come with the territory. They are the business he and we are in.

      As Congress grovels to see petty pieces of paper that will mean virtually nothing to the general public, the Democrats utterly ignore Trump's essential career as a mafia money launderer. It was, after all, Steve Bannon who originally predicted it would be money laundering that would bring The Donald down."


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