Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Cult of Death Ascends

War from space will quickly wreck our planet for human habitation but NATO is on board with the program for militarizing space:
Exclusive: NATO aims to make space new frontier in defense. Reuters. BRUSSELS (Reuters) BRUSSELS (Reuters) - (Reuters) - NATO aims to recognize space as a domain of warfare this year, four senior diplomats said, partly to show U.S. President Donald Trump that the alliance is relevant and adapting to new threats after he signed off on the creation of a U.S. Space Force...
Every phenomena known to humanity has the potential to be colonized by thanatos, our worship of death.

The recent cyber-security attack against Iran is a good example of how democracy is subverted by the cult of death.

Iran claims it shot the US drone in its air space. The US disagrees. Yet, the dispute is essentially rendered entirely irrelevant because the US essentially declared war on Iran in a cyber-attack launched last Thursday.

I thought only Congress had the authority to declare war.  The New York Times also asked this question here.

Iran is a good example of a nation afflicted by its resource curse.

But today small numbers of people have inordinate power through cyber-attacks that engender capacity to bring down electrical grids. 

The US cyber-attack could have provoked a counter-attack that would have launched WWIII, a war that would not last long and would ultimately keep the cult of death from achieving its pentultimate desire for a space war.

The cult of death ascends and its character is not defined by its veneration of the dead. 

The cult of death that ascends today is nihilist and consumes itself in a conflagration of self-destruction.


  1. America is Dying Faster Than You Know it Is.

    They are gutting public education, social services, public libraries and even fire departments.

    Climate change is ravaging america with floods, hurricanes, and wildfires. Hundreds of thousands of climate refugees. Competition for housing is destroying many people. Stagnant wages.

    Little affordable housing and Trump and congres are spending trillions on Tacticical nuclear weapons new ICBM systems star wars, 100s of billions on cyber warfare and mass intelligence.

    A friend went to an annual Hurricane EduCation Day at his local Parish fairgrounds, sponsored by THE Local Walmart. He said they had storm window displays. A public health table. Free hot dogs. Gave away a Tv. Fire Dept there.  How to evacuate alzeimers people and more.The parish has refineries and gambling.

    It is a town in Louisiana that is the parish seat with 38,000 people.  It is in one the most flood  prone and dangerous hurricane area. It has only 3 fulltime fireman and 1 flood rescue boat. Other towns taht size have twice that many fulltime fireman but their govt funding is cut back.

    Their greatest achievement since the last hurricane has been to get "In God we trust" inscribed on all 3 of the fire engines they have,  in a large parish,  where three towns have been destroyed by flooding this year populated by climate denialists who said god and the president said it would be okay to stay even though many are homeless from flooding and can never rebuild after 10 continupus years of flood rebuilding

    They did have free hot dogs and cheap chips!

    I told my friend to ask them about the nuclear power plant close to their town and, about Chagas the evening before he went.

    He said he talked to a 21 yo girl at public health table.  She said she knows chagas is epidemic in the united states . My friend said her older boss stepped over and said she could not talk about that.

    There was a question and answer about refineries and how to evacuate for the next hurricane. My friend asked about nuclear power plants. They said there was bo risk to them.

    He pressed it.
    The local cops at the hurricane expo encouraged him to press the question of nuclear plants and hurricanes. Thw hurricane man from DHS got irritated escorted him out of the pavillion. 

    that is the REAL America now

    New Orleans has only 6 flood rescue boats.

    1. America Is Dying Faster Than You Imagine

      Homelessness, is becoming a symptom of people falling chronically ill and acutely ill . The illness is from the poisoning of the USA with radionucllides and chemicals. The enormous amounts of plastics, chemicals, radionuclides from reactors, burning fossil fuels, and other sources.

      I know a primary care physician . His immediate family is gone from , illness and cancer. He is homeless. Same thing for a psychiatrist and engineer. About half or more homeless in America now, are there, from medical bankrupsy. There are many, many that are victims of environmental induced illness, that is purposely obfuscated . One in two die of cancer now. Chronic illness that can end in million dollar hospital stays like diabetes, cancer, heart disease.
      There are milions of mentally disabled youth and adults living in the streets of the richest country on earth! People with heritable schizophrenia and autism. These unfortunate Young people and older People, can barely take care of themselves. Their numbers are doubling and qudrupeling in the megacities and countryside of murica.

      Fragile X victims have both Autism and schizophrenia. It is a trisomy like downs sydrome. It can be radiation induced from chromosome damage, like downs sydrome.

      Do not listen to the bullshit propaganda, and “Blame the victims of environmental-induced illness and mutation induced-illness, dogmas and religions,” that prevail in the decaying wobbly, society of Murica.
      The purveyors and persecuters of the false narratives, the lies, puport that america is a country of unbridled prosperity, of Unbridled abundance .
      America is a country of ubridled production of the chronic poisons and the worst poisons possible that are abundant everwhere .

      The poisons are
      effecting men, woman and children throughout the society .
      Heritable illnesses, that are disabling are growing geometrically, in all stratum of society.
      Exponential growing incidences of cancer and sytemically debilitating conditions like heart disease, early dementias, diabetes , thyroid diesease . Many other conditions. Environmentally induced-ruinous, acute disease and chronic illness are presented by the medical establishment, as being caused by poor-lifestyle-choices.

      The west coast is not the only place with homelessness problems in murica. That is fox news propaganda. There are as many squatters in delapidated parts of New York City, as there are paying tenants in other parts. Any city on the east coast, in the midwest, the south, the west.

      Affordable housing for the middle class, working class, and poor is all but gone. Gone 11 years after the banksters destroyed housing markets. Gone since wall street monopolists and foreigeners have taken advantage of it the housing crisis.

      There are millions of climate change refugees from wildfires, floods and hurricanes.

      This time is not like the time nazi germany or fascist stalinist russia.

      There is plenty of radioactive and chemically poisoned, food and water for everyone. There is an artificially induced shelter shortage.

      Millions of americas best and brightest and more unfortunate are living because of the sadistic indifference, blatant propaganda and lies.

      Chronically ill end up in the streets. There are millions in cars, tent cities, squatting, eeking it out in the outskirts but, nonethless sick from the poisons.

      Murica is a country of megacities and poisoned suburban sprawls, that have outgrown their carrying capacities . Most rural areas are destroyed by pesticides mining , fracking , dumping of nuclear waste, catastrophes from climate change like wild fires-floods-hurricanes that make the land,water, and soil even moore toxic.

      The mid west of chicago, ohio, the great lakes, That area canada, the south, the east coast have nasty old nuclear reactors, that spew radioactive shit into the environment. The reactors are surrounded by tens of thousands of tons, of highlevel radioactive waste. A lot of that shit leaks and it is hidden.

    2. Reactors are in megacities in the west that barely have enough drinkable water to support the populations Pheonix, Santa Barbara, hanford washington idaho. The western usa is a radioactive shithold from uranium, nuclear reservations and nuclear bomb testing and manufacturing.
      The megacities that have evolved in this radioactive-chemical-sewer, human wasteland, into polluted sprawls with massive landfills that are running out of space.
      They have air that is barely breathable, from toxic-chemical, heavy metal and radionuclide microparticles. The megacities are approaching their maximum-population, carrying capacities of drinkable water and infrastructure.

      The apologists and corporatists make inaccurate comparisons of modern society failings to the times of the great depression and the rise of fscism and Nazi Germany in Europe.

      Hitler did not have concentration camps he created an infrastructure of extermination death camps. The Nazis were a psychopathic monsters and mass murderers. They Murdered hundreds of millions for bloodlust. The stakes are much higher now with the nuclear death cults.


      Scizophrenia is a brain disease . It is known to run in families. It can occur in people with trisomies. So can people on the autism spectrum. It can occur from single-strand chromosome breaks as cysic fibrosis and cerebral palsey can.
      Schizophrenia is another mischaracterized brain sydrome that is labeled as an emotional illness in the corporate “Blame the victim sociery.” Scizophrenics can become homeless and fall pray to substance abuse as any homeless person can under such harsh living circumstances. Ask any family members of such unfortunates, how hard it is to take care of loved ones with this disease. There are many people with downs sydrome, parkinsons disease, early alzeimers, other neurological diseases living in the strets in this degenerate innhumane society now. They are boted from group homes and have no family left to help them.

      The intention of the prevailing politicians now is to gut all social programs while the poison amwrica more making nuclear warheads and expand the industrial, chemical and mining exploitation and resultant contaminatioon. Sheer madness!

      What is there? 5 to 7 years left with the ongoing genome instability. The ice caps melting. Societal Collapse, species collapse.

      Chernobyl and Fukushima Radionuclide death denialists-Climate denialists-Species:Xtinction:Denialists

      All pretty much The Same Ilk

    3. What will happen, is that more people will fall out of society into homelessness as they get diseases like chagas, cancer and diabetes and heart disease and dementia . Environmentall induced diseases, from all the radioactive and chemical poisons everywhere! The governemt is gutting fire departments, public schools, public health and health , libraries and social services . It is gutting medicaid and medicare and help keep sick and eldeely people off the streets. The numbers of homeless are triplling each year.

      It is harrder for people to get jobs or medical and afford rent.
      There is real homelessness is 10 to 15 million or more now . Halff of them from medical bankrupsies just talk to any of them at a busstop.

      They continue to build useless nucclear weapons , expand mining, fracking, and refining filthy tar sands. They dig more uranium, contaminating everything and making more people zick in a vicious juggernaut of insanity. It is contributing massively to climate change. They spend a trillion a year on war and space weapons etc.

      Next year there will be 30 milion homeless. There will be massive plagues of typhus, dipheria , acutechagas and valley fever . There will be massive cholera and diptheria outbreaks.

      Adults 30 and over, who have not had chicken pcks or mumps or measles or rubbela get hit twice as hard phyiologically, as kids do by the same infections . They end up in the hospital. Some die. Many have complications. Things will worse as nuclear accidents occur , reactors landfills catch fire, there are more wilfires floods and other events as things fall apart in 5 to 7 years

  2. There was no good reason to abrogate the nuclear agreement, with Iran. The continued sanctions and deadly pressure on irans economy and people, could very easily spark the closing of athe Straights of Hormuz. There are very few pwople who follow this, who do not get it. Maybe a few demented wackos, propagandists, or idotic preppers and fascist-racist ideologues, that are crazy anyway. Closing the Straights of Hormuz will lead to nuclear war. America has been preparing for that for 35 or more year. That is why airan is surrounded by American Military bases.

    1. What about the Communist-racist ideologues? These guys are feeling left out of the condemnations here.

    2. No mention of communism or nazis in the writing above. Simple cold-hard, facts and truth. Medical facts. The troll is here to disrupt. Probably intelligence or counterintelligence operative troll in these hard, ugly times. Ask John Whitehead what he thinks about the DHS or whoever you work for troll.

    3. Rise of the Extinction Deniers
      Just like climate deniers, they’re out to obfuscate and debase the scientists and conservationists trying to save the world—and maybe get rid of a few pesky species in the process
      By John R. Platt on June 22, 2019

      "Morano is also a Fox News regular who was once dubbed the “climate change misinformer of the year.”
      The right-wing blogosphere ate up the testimonies. Extremist site Breitbartrepeated Moore’s lies, called the IPBES report “fake news,” and added a zinger of their own claim: “The two biggest human threats to wildlife in the last century have been a) Communists and b) Environmentalists.”
      (Yes, they trotted out the old “wind power kills birds” canard.)

      Agents and Operatives have to resort to the most base tactics, when there are too many facts and there is too much truth

  3. Your essay could have been composed with minor changes any time in the last four thousand or more years. We have been basking in the idea of gradualism for a considerable period of time; but now catastrophism is gaining importance. Death from the sky, asteroids & comets, from the earth, earth quakes and volcanoes, from plague and famine, from war . . . and from demons! Lots of stress for people back then and now.

    Nothing new under the sun. Just man imitating nature again.

    Actually the President can take action immediately if the USA or its assets are attacked, e.g. shooting down a US. plane or a drone. But in this instance not enough push from the Democrats to start one yet. I read though that after the Thursday night meeting at the White House Pelosi and Schumer were jubilant thinking that Trump was starting a War. You may recall that Obama got authorization from the UN instead of Congress for his action in Libya--which destroyed the top nation in Africa! When the Senate asked Leon Panetta he acted like the UN was in some sense superior to the Senate--but nothing came of it. Depending on the Administration the US Constitution may or may not be in effect?


      Scientific American

      300 more words
      "Extinction’s not a problem, right?
      That’s actually a point made quite a bit lately by a group of “extinction deniers”—people who use the relatively low number of confirmed extinctions to say there’s no such thing as an extinction crisis. These industry shills came out of the woodwork in the wake of the recent Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services report that predicts the world faces up to one million extinctions in the coming decades due to human activity.
      We saw this misinformation most strongly on May 22 during testimony about the IPBES report for the House Committee on Natural Resources, when two “experts” invited to speak by Republican members of the committee spread messages of extinction denial.

      “Fewer than 900 extinctions have been documented in the 500 years since 1500 AD,” claimed Patrick Moore, a director of a pro-fossil fuels group called the CO2 Commission who always (incorrectly) identifies himself as a cofounder of Greenpeace.
      Moore, who’s also funded by the Koch brothers and others to spread climate denial (he’s a frequent guest on Fox News), tied the IPBES report to his previous rhetoric. “As with the manufactured ‘climate crisis’ they are using the specter of mass extinction as a fear tactic to scare the public into compliance,” he said. “

    2. St George the nihilist

    3. DAILY KOS

      Daily Kos
      Stephen bratton
      Attribution: Harris County Sheriff's Office
      Texas Baptist pastor who advocated executing women for abortion faces child sexual assault charges
      Jun 17, 2019 9:18am PDT by Jen Hayden, Daily Kos Staff
      Comments 403

      Stephen Bratton, a 43-year-old recently former Southern Baptist pastor in Cypress Station, Texas, has been charged with repeatedly sexually assaulting a teenage relative over several years. From the Houston Chronicle:

      Stephen Bratton, who resigned from Grace Family Baptist Church in Cypress Station last month, was charged Friday with continuous sexual abuse of a child, Senior Deputy Thomas Gilliland said Saturday. The 43-year-old is accused of inappropriate touching that escalated to “sexual intercourse multiple times a day or several times a week” from 2013 to 2015, Gilliland said.

      Bratton seemed to have a keen interest in controlling women’s bodies and their health care. Because, of course he did.

      Bratton has been an outspoken pro-life advocate, making national news recently for supporting a failed bill that would have made it possible to criminally charge women who terminate their pregnancies.

      Bratton didn’t merely want to prosecute women for abortion, he supported a bill that have made abortion a capital felony and could even carry the death penalty for women.

      The Houston Chronicle reports Bratton confessed to his wife, who called his fellow church leaders. To their credit, they notified police the same day and took steps to immediately dismiss him and excommunicate him.

      Unfortunately, Bratton paid a $50,000 bond and was released.

    4. We know what will happen to the thousands of refugee kids, held in cages at the border. They are treated as less than animals. Several cases of sexual abuse by guards pending right now.
      The refugee children will be sold into Foster Care to be taken care of BY Republican-Religious-Fanatic-Pedophiles like this baptist preacher monster.

      Many of the refugee children, held in cages, at the borxer
      will be sold into adoption, to Rich Republican Pedophiles to be Sexually abused and ruined. The children will be ruined. They will growup abused, ruined and discarded with no future ecxcept more abuse in the American Mass incarceration system

      They will end up in the huge american Gulag Prison System, and Justus system of private prisons where they will be used as slaves . They will be sadistically abused for the rest of their lives.

      There are 3 million in the American Prsion sytem. A couple million or more on probation or in jail, at any given time for petty crimes. Highest incarceration rate in the world by a long ways.

    5. If you think Space Weapons are so important, why are they building so many Tactical nuclear weapons now?


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