Thursday, February 21, 2019

Tomari Nuclear Plant Reported Unaffected by 5.8 Quake in Hokkaido

A significant quake in Japan has resulted in no major damage, according to reports:
M5.8 quake hits Hokkaido but no major damage reported. The Mainichi,
Hokkaido Electric Power Co. said no abnormality was detected at its idled Tomari nuclear power plant.
Netc is reporting no elevated radiation levels at this time.


  1. This guy is doing nothing to help the Victims of Fukushima or help insure no further Fukushimas occur

    YouTube needs to ban neonazi idiots like dana durnford and other sensationalist that use issues to promote extremist-racist-politics of HATE

    This is what  Dana Durnford is really all about
    Christian Identity Neonazis

    Tarin Coyote
    Trying to learn more about the Fukushima disaster and everything on YouTube is either conspiracy bullshit saying a the New World Order blew the reactors or it's this religious crap saying the tribulation started xD Fuck's sake youtube, fix your shit
    8:58 PM - 21 Feb 2019 from Norfolk, VA

    Dana Durnford is a Prime Example of What
    Tarin Fox is talking about

    This is what  Dana Durnford is really all about
    Christian Identity Neonazis

    According to Durnford and its ilk Chernobyl and Fukushima were not caused by old , rotten, flawed reactors that blew-up. They were sabotaged!

    Durnford uses fukushima as a cover for political extremism and sensationalism for racism and hate as well
    Durnford does not give a darn about ending the nuclear arms race or closing any nuclear reactors in any country, Japan America or Canada.
    It does not care whether nuclear waste is sequestered properly.

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