Friday, February 15, 2019

Mars: Amazing, Inspiring but Ultimately Mis-Directed


The Mars series by National Geographic is AMAZING and I would highly recommend watching it for the very interesting interviews about the space program and its objectives.

But the idea proposed in the series to colonize Mars to save humanity from the inevitable fatal asteroid is a misplaced focus of limited energy and resources.

Yes, perhaps space colonization is a survival goal, but there are real problems with radiation and gravity that have not yet been addressed and even if we could keep individuals alive in space and on Mars, we may irreparably damage our genomic integrity.

[side note: I have little faith in the power of nanotools to fix genomic instabilities caused by excessive radiation, altered biome, etc, etc.]

Earth is our home. All life on earth is loosely connected by genetic heritage and/or the matter that makes us. We need to save the ability of diverse forms of life to thrive on earth before we set our sights colonizing another planet.

The Guardian newspaper recently addressed the collapse of Earth's insect population in an editorial that blamed industrial farming and global warming, citing greed as the primary driver.

Industrial farming and climate change are two important factors but they are really just two particularly visible ones among many others, including the overall long-term impacts of a global environment with increasingly amounts of toxic chemicals and elements available for bio-accumulation and bio-magnification.

When considered in this context of understanding, National Geographic's Mars series is a spectacle of environmental destruction as each rocket launched etches its effect on the atmosphere with propellants

Karl Grossman has explored the environmental risks of plutonium used in the US space program. These risks are produced at every stage of the supply chain, from uranium mining, to enrichment, to eventual deployment.

Moreoever, as the Mars series examines, accidents are inevitable and very frequent. Every space craft caring plutonium that falls back to earth further contaminates the eco-system with an element aptly named for the god of the underworld.

We need to save life on Earth before diverting resources to land on an inhospitable and alien planet.


  1. Yes, the idea of saving human society by investing a vast amount of money to create a colony on Mars is foolish. For far less it will be possible to build an asteroid defense program that will work.

    1. I knew a chemist, that helped develop the solid propellent rocket fuel Used by Nasa, on the space shuttles , the Russian rockets, Space x.
      It contains Borates and Berylliium that we are not told about. Propbaly has RADIONUCLIDE contaminants.
      Same is true for liquid fuel. They contain Boron and heavy metals, to catalyze the efficient and consistent burning of the fuel.

      Beryllium is a heavy metal, that is almost as toxic as some alpha emitting radionuclides. We are not told about it.
      Rocket fuel is so safe. That's what they say.
      Like all the propaganda and lies we heard about nuclear energy.
      Most solid fuel does not work without, beryllium nor liquid fuel without boron. They get away with it by saying they use it in allowable amounts.
      Now think for a moment. 11 - HAZARDOUS POLLUTANTS

      11-4-100 GENERAL

      11-4-101 Description

      11-4-301 Emissions From Test Sites
      11-4-302 Emissions From Closed Tanks

      11-4-401 Notification to APCO of Sampling or Emission Tests
      11-4-402 Measuring and Sampling
      11-4-500 MONITORING AND RECORDS (Not Included)

      RULE 4

      11-4-100 GENERAL
      11-4-101 Description: The purpose of this Rule is to control the emission to the atmosphere of beryllium from rocket motor firing.


      The amount of contaminants from individual launchings may not he as high yet, thousands of launches will multiply the effect.

      The accumulation of tons of berryium and contaminants in the atmosphere will be like Ronnie Raygun,
      Saying he could keep all the High Level Nuclear Waste generated, by a Nuclear Reactor in a year, under his desk in the oval office in 1982 . There will be much more than they will ever talk about in A Nat Geo propaganda piece for Mars Colonies.
      Think about the multiplication of extraction industries by ten thousands, to colonize mars.
      There will be massive environmental degradation to do so.

      Mining, refining and processing
      New drilling for oil, fracking.

    2. Think of the kick start of raw material extraction for the New Multitrillion dollar Nuclear proliferation and Cold War , Fuko the clown is setting off. It helps the billionaire but not the 100 million or so that are dispossessed now in America now

      If you think massive environmental degradation is bad now, think again!

      Think about the multiplication of extraction industries by ten thousands, to colonize mars.

      You do know That National Geographic is pronuclear now. They ran a big flashy spread on Russia's Amazing Nuclear Industry . and how they can and will provide the world and even the poorest countries with nuclear energy!

      They will need a lot of plutonium, Cesium 137, and cobalt 60 for the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators, for the many space ships and probes they will be sending to mars for colonization.

      They will need a lot of enriched uranium for the nuclear reactors they will set up on the moon and mars.
      You know they will kick start fission propulsion systems, where gas is expelled through a nuclear reactor in a nozzle for propulsion. The effluent is pure radioactive spew.

      Who cares, its for mars colonies!

      It will all be necessary for this ambitious and stupendous undertaking! progress

      The russians are bragging about using nuclear reactor propulsion, in hypersonic cruise missiles now. They say, they are also building a nuclear reactor-nozzle, propellant enhancer system for a trip to mars.

      Maybe we should just start making small Plutonium, nuclear reactor automobile engines, like the Nuke Shill Adams wants

      A mars colonization will take a thousand times as much exploitation used now by the consumer and war machines.
      The worlds ecosystems are pushed to the brink of extinction by our exploitation of the planet , with the ensuing poisoning and destruction it creates.

      I feel that the human.monkeys are truly delusional about what they are and how they exist as animated blobs of biochemical reactions that only operate under very narrow conditions of temp, air conc of essential gasses, atmospheric pressures, radiation exposure, and contaminant concentrations.

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