Wednesday, February 27, 2019

One in Five Kids Growing Up in War Zone

The other day someone implicitly challenged me - what right do I have to stand up to governments and corporations and tell them what to do?

Although I think finding the best path forward is fraught and must be multi-stakeholder in process, its clear what paths forward are DELETERIOUS and should be abandoned immediately:
Chen, Michelle (2019, Feb 26). 1 in 5 Children Live in a War Zone. The Nation, that number has only risen in the past few years. Around the world, a stunning one in five children are growing up in a war zone today. Neither their governments, nor humanitarian-aid groups, nor their families can guarantee the basic elements of survival, much less anything like a happy childhood.
As a MOTHER and TEACHER, if for no other reasons, I have the AUTHORITY and LEGITIMACY to speak out against the neo-mercantile governments and merchants of death and extraction that profiteer from a world at war, with children AT RISK.


  1. Collectivism for the multi-Millionaires, Billionaires and Politicians involves Keeping the Economy Growing at any expense. That is The Mission of the United States, nuclear-empire at home and, in the world.

    If it means raping, pillaging and destroying an oil rich country with a democratically elected govt for their oil,  and killing as  many of the brown indigenous people there, as possible, so much the better.

    Most , if not all the Mega millionaires and billionaires in America have gotten rich off the government, at our expense as taxpayers.

    Never ceases to amaze, the numbers of Billionaires, who got billions courtesy of US Government giving their companies exclusive rights to the technology developed at Taxpayers expense.  Think ultraright fascist tax-dodger Peter Thiel who funded Bolsonaro. Corporations like Google, Microsoft, Amazon steal tech and pay little or no taxes, they then leverage lucrative govt. Contracts with their power. Geeks like  Ollie Curme get sweatheart USA government contracts while they pillage america and screw disadvantaged people and vets. The US  pays people like Eric Prince and Sergi Brim and others keep a lid on dissent.

    Bill gates amassed his billions by shady monopoly practices, backdoor rigged-voting machines. He got sweetheart deals with the govt. He  Dodges taxes .  Bill Gates doesn't pay property taxes, on his 150 million compound in Seattle.
    He import tens of thousands of east Indians with 3rd tier education certificates , on H1b visas annually. Nevermind that it  undercuts young American college graduates with expensive college degrees , that are thousands in debt from student loans.

    Seattle is  where there are 60 thousand or more homeless people. Where the RV's and vans that line the roads, are many peoples homes. Where there are numerous tent cities. Children are picked up from tent cities, to be taken to school.
    Bill Gates has 8 billion invested in a crooked nuclear waste scheme called Republic, that involves the ongoing nuclear catastrophe of the St Louis Landfill .  The St Louis Landfill is full of nuclear waste and burning.

    Bill gates wants the taxpayers to finance his billion dollar salt-cooled minibreeder reactor scheme
    Warren Buffett made a great deal of his billions, investing in the American and Israeli military industrial complexes and, fat domestic military security corporations from Israel in the United States.  Industries that have evolved in both countries, since 911.

    The bloody American Nuclear-empire has already couped Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala and Ecuador, Ukraine, bombed Libya and Iraq into oblivion. They are working on Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela .

    Look at the creep, Elliot Abrams who helped cover-up 911. He also helped Poindexter set up the mass-warrantless-surveillance Panopticon in the USA, that has only gotten larger with time. The TIA was secretly written into the Patriot Act. We know that it exists from Snowden.

    Elliot Abrams massacred 900 women and children in El Salvador in the eighties. He is now Fukos special envoy to Venezuela.

    The evil monkey-psychopaths are  rolling out 5G in America at this very moment . It is so they can have an enhanced Panopticon . They are frying everyone and all creatures with massively concentrated, clouds of microwave radiation, for the love of the Greed and The power they get.

    The thirst for blood-greed-power of these evil monkey psychopath-bastards, knows no bounds.

    How much time is left? I would wager not as much time,  as many wish there would be.

    80 percent of the insects gone. A whole species of mammals, recently extinct in Australia. 200 species of flora and fauna going extinct daily now.

    1. IT IS ALL FOR THE BACK-BREAKING COLLECTIVIST-subsidization of the few and the continuance of the insane-nuclear-empire.
      Richard Branson one of the worst Resource Gulpers and  Hippocrits, in the world, has jumped on the Rape and Pillage Venezuela bandwagon. It is fascism.

      Fuko and the generals have developed tactical nukes to use in Iran and Venezuela.

      Does any sane person, have any interest in this continueing?

      The psychopaths are now rolling out 5G to enhance their Panopticon . They don't about the considerably enhanced toxicity of the  enhances concentration of microwave density, in the 5G  radiation cloud.

      A friend said, people should locate 5G towers on poles in their area and do something about it.

      I mentioned this to My cousin, about the 5g menace and people doing something about it.

      My cousin nervously laughed and gave me a sad , beaten-down look.
      My cousin described the medium sized,  former middle-class town she now lives in. There are some jobs but most are contract, with little hope for young people. No opportunities for advancement. Little or no benefits. Stagnant wages. 

      The town she lives in, has services cut to the bone for the elderly and poor.
      There are young and old competing for outrageously hi priced slum-ghettos.

      There are ghetto tenaments in flood areas with 3 adults in the same apartment,  full of people barely making it. Central american refugees, women and their 3 or 4 little children they brought up, to escape murderous regimes put in place by America's elite. Poor people and homeless people, have to compete with them  for potential housing. Rents are 1000 a month in slum tenaments.

      A town where college degrees do not insure good jobs like they used to. Where teachers who are burnt out on Betty Devoss and Fukos bullshit and, people with masters degrees, work at Wal-Mart or at a big box store in a bigger town up the road .

      A place where the closest city is disintegrating from urban blight and homelessness

      The town she lives in, has tripled the number of cops it employs, since Trump took power.
      In this smaller town, 70 yo homeless people  sit on benches at Wal-Mart, with a shopping cart of their possessions every day.
      The homeless will tell u straight up there are 200 or more homeless like them, in this town of 9,500.

      Mostly, the cops stalk young people there, my cousin says.  Young people that can barely afford rents. The cops swamp young people for unpaid traffic tickets or petty crimes or drugs. Prison fodder.

      Four or five, thirty-thousand dollar Cop Suvs swarm in on  on a car, with one person in it.

      My cousin reiterates, that talking about things like 5G transmitter locations is taboo. It is especially taboo since the patriot act. 
      The Dept of Homeland security, Has all the cards. The cops in any town, in America can hijack a cell tower and track a persons communications. Our police are now militarized  and work in close affiliation, with Ice and homleand security.
      They have the technology to hijack cell transmitters in any town in th USA and follow any persons texts and communications.

      They could track a person now, for even suggesting identifying a 5g transmitter.
      That’s what America is. A shitty fascist-third world police state, of the lowest common denominator.

    2. Murica is a dreary ugly-grey dystopian nightmare, for many at least part of the time. A Dogstown where young people feel overwhelmed , stuck and futureless.
      There are the indigenous refugees driven from their homes in Latin America , through military and political coups by  fascist coups in places like Bolivia Honduras. Guatemala Brazil where corporations  and United States  millionaires and the billionaires, destroy resource rich  countries for naked extortion and to keep their stock values up. To keep the illusion of economic growth for the Nuclear empire .

      The bipartison duopoly controlled,  evil nuclear empire of Hillary Clinton and Fuko The Fascist Bastard clown, will gut Venezuela like they gutted Libya .  They will leave a hull of a country as Murica slips deeper into a dystopian  grim grey-reality where young people have no hope. Where  80 percent of the  people live paycheck to paycheck impoverished and or homeless.
      The top 20 percent millionaires and billionaires that we support, through their collectivist fascism, love it.
      The chemical and radionuclide pollution, making everyone more sick as reactors meltdown and nuke waste is dumped on us, piles-up, and catches fire does not bother them.
      This is America now. Fascist Collectivism for the rich.  The nuclear empire, meat-grinder rolls forward. The 5G Panopticon must be maintained at all cost to keep the growing numbers of dispossessed in place. To imprison them in the largest gulag police state in the world, if they are unlucky enough to get trapped, in that machine. A country with 3.5 million prison-slave laborers.  The united states of America.

      They are lobbying for 6G in the next few years soon after 5g.  The hype, the illusion of growth, the control must go forward at all costs!

      The ongoing 5g madness.
      That much radiation pollution, that is so densely concentrated, onto every square inch and millimeter of the human body will cause cancers, health problems, epigenetic and beyond effects.

      Although not as potent a mutagen, as shorter wave UV and ionizing radiation, the dense clouds of microwave RF radiation will  catalyze chemical and biochemical reactions in the body that cause DNA and chromosome damage and, cancer like nuclear radiation does.

      There is enough of it and, sometimes it is concentrated enough, to directly cause cancer based on medical studies.

      Fact is, it will exacerbate the damage already done to the bags of protoplasm and bone that we are because, of all the heavy metals, radionuclides, organic-metal poisons accumulated in our bodies in this age of insanity.

      Ultradense microwave and RF frequency is already used by industrial chemists, to catalyze dimerization and polymerization reactions, in Heavy industry in America.
      How do you think walking around in dense clouds of RF and microwave radiation, that is focused on every micrometer of our skin on our body is going to affect the enzymes, DNA, chromosome, the radioactive shit already in our bodies?  
      Ultradense RF rads plus the flood of radionuclides already here and growing.
      5G RF clouds have   strong enough  effects on chemical reactions, that they are used  in industrial chemical laboraries.  Think about how they will affect  living physiology and biochemical processes.

      Our enzyme systems, our metabolic chemistry, our DNA and RNA are  millions of time more delicate than the processes used in industrial-chemical-works.
      80 percent of the insects are dead! 100 species go extinct daily! The oceans are almost dead.

  2. Who do we blame? I can't think of a single individual or group or nation. And this has been going on through out history. When it is not war it is pedophilia and pederasty. Child trafficking. The Catholic Church is having a hard time dealing with this. There is also child mistreatment by parents and relatives. And bad schools don't help the matter.
    So we are all to blame. How many children are being trafficked over the Southern Border? Before the first black slaves arrived in America 500 Irish children were here as slaves!
    It sounds good when people talk about children, but I think it is more talk than real caring.

    1. I blame stupid, evil pieces os like you spew propaganda and be as if to rationalize the murder and genocide of millions. You are probably a pedophile because, u r so obsessed by it. Just an amoral criminal poc. Murica has genocides millions of its own people by detonating. A thousand nuclear bombs on them in Nevada and other parts of the USA. Amrerica has genocided millions of men women and children all over the world and is providing millions in Yemen now. U stupid evil monkey. U always have to come back with lame propaganda, as if it absolves you from enjoying the fruits of the genocides and murders u cheer on. What a scumbag

    2. William st George the king of moral relativism and an enthusiastic cheerleader for genocide and mass murder. Genocide bro willy the racist misogynist bully-coward and pathological liar

  3. Speaking of Children: VERY REVEALING Margaret Sanger Interview MUST SEE ! PLANNED PARENTHOOD
    You may want to light up a Philip Morris while watching. Singer was a pal of Hitler.

    1. You are such a bad actor that u do not come close to pretending u r sane

  4. You are really, really not going to like this. I recommend you record your favorite insults so they can play over and over again even while you sleep.

    Ready or not here it is: an environmentalist who worked with Obama on green energy has concluded that solar and wind are not going to be sufficient and that people need to get over their prejudices against, brace yourselves, nuclear power! Please direct all you venom against this fascist, evil doer and not at me, the poor messenger. I am going to absent myself from this blog for awhile until all the vituperation has gone.

    This environmentalist is well known and has an article out today. Sorry I missed his name. You need to find the article and direct as much hatred at it as you can muster and not waste any here. I knew the New Green Deal had this hidden element in it and that nuclear power would have a new and ecstatic birth as a result. Good luck.

    1. Stupid crazy creep

    2. "The Nuclear Option Is the Real Green Deal"

    3. Pure propaganda BS . the green deal does not have to be nuclear and its backers have stipulated it to not be. The Pronukeshill Willy the genocide bro who is also probably a pedophile like most repuklikans and pronukers, think Dennis Hastert and Larry from Idaho, would love people to eat this crap up.
      Fuko is the most pronuke thing ever even says radiation is good for ya

  5. This is too much!
    "So what happens to those babies that are born alive?
    Well, one Planned Parenthood “doctor” in Minnesota recently admitted that if a baby is born alive, “most likely we would break the baby’s neck”…

    So much for one class of kids.


  6. I appreciate the passion but PLEASE keep it civil - do not engage in baiting and name calling, or I'll have to delete comments.

    Thank you!

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