Saturday, February 2, 2019

Global Disorder Rising

Watching the COUP in Venezuela, the unraveling of US-Russian nuclear accords, the escalation of covert war with China, and the growing numbers of dispossessed people everywhere has shaken my faith in the possibility of a sustainable future.

I was asked to comment upon the dissolution of arms control between Russia and the US. Here is my response:

The New Cold War, whose contours are being chiseled in bellicose rhetoric, the dissolution of arms control agreements, and intensification of hybrid and information warfare, serves no interests beyond short term economic profiteering  by the international “merchants of death” and acquisitive industries in oil and energy (especially) that benefit from hostile and mercantile relationships among states.

Climate change, resource depletion, environmental degradation, and the immediate needs of people displaced by these forces and pointless war should be prioritized.

Instead, we see closing diplomatic doors and re-invigorated arms races capable of delivering weapons old and new in design that present truly existential risks.

I truly don’t understand the logic of annihilation that is governing the US and other nations’ escalation of conflict in our time of collective need.

The doomsday clock is ticking, but it appears that we are going to waste what time we have left ascertaining our mutual destruction.

There are no innocent powers, no nations free of subterfuge, but the US as the former reigning hegemon has betrayed the trust of people everywhere when pretending to protect democracy and security while unraveling fragile international alliances and ignoring the growing eco and humanitarian crises facing us all.

Peace and cooperation are the only way we will survive.


  1. I'm optimistic. We see the world through concepts. Main stream news does a lot of distorting even when it is not intentional. Most of us are stuck in one locality. Our world view becomes hearsay. The only place that I see as dangerous is Iran since the leadership there is "religious". The people of Iran do not like the tyrannical government which is Islamic. Dogs can not be walked in public or driven in cars. Of course there are other nations motivated by madness like Pakistan. But not so mad as Iran. I think man made climate change is mistaken. Just one good volcanic eruption wipes out years of CO2 prevention. Russia and the US will never go to war with each other. It is just political drama. Democrats must take the blame for the Russia distortions. If environmentalism were not a religion it would make more sense and more progress. In fact non supernatural religions cause a great deal of trouble. Anyone can go to YouTube and find an abundance of videos to support any position imaginable. One reason to study philosophy and literature is to develop a sense for truth. I wish I had learned Greek.
    And there is comedy. The women in white just days after the governor in a KKK outfit looking like the Daughters of the KKK. And in an atmosphere of white supremacy suspicions. At SOTU people got confused about when to clap and stand. I did notice Senator Krysten S nicely dressed in a colorful outfit. Much better than McCain. Now she could become president--very smart and energetic and good hearted. By contrast Kamala H seems sinister. Why did she shake her head over the sex trafficking? Has she got campaign money flowing from that foul trade?
    America's real main problem is the family and marriage. No one at home creates little barbarians who go on to be governors like the guy in Virginia. Or the one in NY. Or just common criminals. No greatness without great marriages and families. You can't trick history.

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