Monday, July 10, 2017

NRA Chairman Tanaka feels “a sense of danger” RE Fukushima decommissioning

One aspect of Japanese culture I've come to appreciate over the years is the nuanced use of language to express concern and dissent.
I see this nuanced use in the comments made by Japan's Emperor, its media, and most recently by the chairman of Japan's Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) with respect to Fukushima:
Japan’s nuclear safety chief raps Tepco’s attitude on Fukushima No. 1 crisis, restarting other reactors. Kyodo/The Japan Times, July 10, 2017 
The head of the Nuclear Regulation Authority told Tepco’s top management he questions their attitude toward decommissioning the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant and the company’s ability to resume operating its other reactors.

“I feel a sense of danger,” NRA Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said during a special meeting Monday with the top management of Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc.

Tanaka also said Tepco does “not seem to have the will to take the initiative” toward decommissioning the crippled nuclear power station that suffered three reactor meltdowns in March 2011.
What exactly does Tanaka mean by a "sense of danger"?

My guess is that Tanaka is referring to the thousands of pounds of spent fuel still stored precariously at the site, which must be continuously cooled and is susceptible to catastrophe in the event of a building collapse from earthquake or from the ongoing liquefaction of the site.

Tanaka is, in my opinion, a brave man to voice his concern regarding ongoing danger given the pressures in Japan and by the US to resume nuclear operations in Japan.

Fukushima Daiichi July 10, 2017 4:30 (am)


  1., 7/10, at 1:24pst (5:24am Japan)I saw on TEPCO. flying debris coming out of unit 1.within a pink background haze.
    On the www.futabagun. site massive amount of pink and brilliant light from one spot on the left of screen, One time as early as 3:42am there time, and for the last three days exploding from the horizon and into the interior.

    Nothing happening there????

  2. If when we see those day glow pink emissions at the TEPCO sites coming out of the units 1 or 4 or Futaba site, isn't that strontium? cessium? and are not those emissions sure to reach the pacific coast, like Oregon and California shortly after? What is the time frame there? I know the jet stream counts alot for where those emissions go, but we in Calif have had so much sea life from dead on the coast
    and people with strange cancers I wonder if we aren't getting the best of it....well, maybe "best" isn't the right word.

    Thank you Majia, for your great work on these and other important issues affecting our environment and lives today.

    1. There was a decided pink glow yesterday visible over plant on the Futaba cam. Site hasn't looked very good over the last week.


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