Thursday, December 8, 2016

Will Native Americans Be Re-Victimized?

All I can hope is that this is just some crazy idea being fielded that will quickly fall to the wayside:
Valerie Volcovici (December 5, 2016). Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations. Reuters,

Native American reservations cover just 2 percent of the United States, but they may contain about a fifth of the nation’s oil and gas, along with vast coal reserves. Now, a group of advisors to President-elect Donald Trump on Native American issues wants to free those resources from what they call a suffocating federal bureaucracy that holds title to 56 million acres of tribal lands, two chairmen of the coalition told Reuters in exclusive interviews.

The group proposes to put those lands into private ownership - a politically explosive idea that could upend more than century of policy designed to preserve Indian tribes on U.S.-owned reservations, which are governed by tribal leaders as sovereign nations.
Bad feeling growing...


  1. Trump will put the plans for privatization in the hands of his cronies. The cronies and corporations will set up phony shell companies and contractors who will funnel the spoils straight to the Koch's and operators like them who invested heavily in trump. It is turning put like George w bush only worse. We have the worse of the worse now. Even Putin is amazed that so many people in this country could vote for a regime that would be so dangerous to their existence. Most people in places like western Kentucky will have no access to health care soon. Most will get sick and die. They all voted for trump! Maybe there is some cooling going on, on some parts of the earth. The combined effect of this on anthropocene effects on climate cannot be good. They will actually threaten you if you contest their lies.

  2. They are back. They are not content to have the clothes we wear. The necessities. They want it all and they will get it. I do not like the people before them who were chipping away at things. These brutal people will hurt you and threaten u based on the color of your skin. They are proud of it. This is the worst I have seen it in america. The betrayal, the lies, the dishonesty at so many levels.


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