Sunday, December 4, 2016

Standing Rock Protesters Dig In

Jack Healy. December 3, 2016. Standing Rock Pipeline Protesters, Ordered to Leave, Dig In. The New York Times,

The orders to evacuate the sprawling protest camp on this frozen prairie just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation came down last week from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the North Dakota governor’s office. After four months of prayer marches and clashes with law enforcement officials who responded with tear gas and water cannons, the protesters now have until Monday to leave.

The government said it would not forcibly remove anyone, but could cite people for trespassing or other offenses.

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  1. The roots and origins of municipal police departments and their organizational structure, in the United States are shady at best.  The prototypical model for all modern american city police department funding  and operation protocols were originated in New York City at the end of the 19th century.  The concept of community policing was started in reaction to the flood of old country immigrants flooding into factories in the northeast. The city police were used to prevent insurrections.

    There were also Pinkerton operations run by robber barons in the old west. The pinkertons were hired mercenaries, used to kick people off their land, so as to make way for railroads.

    Immigrant factory workers lived in inner city ghettos in places like NewYork City, The laborers were impoverished and down-trodden. The new immigrants lived in squalid unhygienic and impoverished ghettos . They toiled  in unsafe factories. Workers slaved far more than 80 hours a week, for pittances.  Policing was based on keeping the peons in check. It was to keep poor laborers in line and impoverished. This is still the case in many a Southern community in places like mississipi louisiana, allabama today. Think privatized probation corporations that never allow impoverished whites and blacks out of the legal system by stringing them along with new fines and probation conditions every time they are about to get out of the system

    The police departments created in NYC were there to protect the rich and their interests. The cops put down uprisings by workers.

    Policing also has roots in the coal-mining company towns of Appalachia. It too was done by pinkerton goons.  Their brutality and force was used for union busting.

    Cops in America have never been there to help or protect the underclasses. That is a misnomer. What is going on at Standing Rock is what has gone on in america for more than a hundred years.


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