Monday, December 26, 2016

Radiation and Chemotherapy Age Bodies and Cause Future Cancers

Radiation and chemotherapy are normalized treatment protocols that are believed by many to cause cancer and age cells:
Laurie McGinley. December 25, 2016. A new urgency to protect survivors of childhood cancer. The Washington Post,

One of medicine’s greatest successes is the sharp rise in survival rates for children with cancer. But the flip side of that success is that many of those children are turning up years or even decades later with serious and sometimes life-threatening complications, including second cancers, heart disorders, cognitive problems and infertility.

“These treatments seem to accelerate the aging process,” said Greg Aune, a researcher and pediatric oncologist who works at a clinic for childhood cancer survivors at University Hospital in San Antonio, where Galan gets her care.

… By age 50, 1 in 3 women who received chest radiation for Hodgkin’s lymphoma will develop breast cancer, compared with less than 1 in 20 in the general population, Armstrong said.
Many years ago I mentored someone who developed breast cancer from working at a semiconductor plant in southern California without adequate protection. The radiation and chemo treatment she received for the breast cancer later caused uterine cancer. She also developed a brain tumor that had to be removed.

She survived all these cancers, somehow, although her bones were too brittle and she was too weak to work outside of her home for years (perhaps even still).

She was a victim of poor occupational health in her workplace and later she was inadvertently victimized by the medicine that tried to save her.

My experience is that most doctors (and dentists) have limited knowledge and understanding of ionizing radiation.

Their understanding of the human body is too often reductionistic and mechanistic.

Until we see the entire body as a system embedded in environments that shape every molecular process we will remain trapped within a paradigm that allows toxins to destroy biological bodies while treating the resulting "disease" with more toxins...

She believed that her ca


  1. My friend Alisha is 30. She has a ten year old boy. Alisha had diffuse, metastacised cancer in her abdomen. All they could do was gamma irradiate her abdomen. It caused visible burns in her abdominal area. She has been alive 2 years now. She would have lived another month if they had not given her radiation therapy with a gamma knife.

    Alison Gannett, a famous skier, had a 9 lb tumor removed from her brain in 2013. She opted for not doing radiation therapy, which was probably good. That is because there are far more complications associated with radiation therapy, than chemotherapy. Allison did opt for mild chemo.

    For someone to getup and soapbox when their mortality is not at hand makes me sick. Radionuclide therapy should probably end. So should nuclear power, nuclear weapons, anything that causes radionuclide pollution. That would be a great step for prevention of cancer and diseases associated with radionuclide pollution.

    1. Excuse me Allison had a 9 ounce tumor removed. Alison ia a determined lady. Did some mild chemo.

      Understand even apricot pit extracts for cancer, or some lame blood alkalynizations protocols are forms of chemo. That is because cancer is a terribly destructive and lethal disease. Some antibiotics used for MRSA are toxic enough to be considered chemotherapy. Flagyl for feminine vaginal infections, for example is a form of chemotherapy.

      Our culture is a toxic culture based on toxic consumption and pollution. Our medically system is based on acute care, because that is the most profitable.

  2. Some people with cancer opt for chemotherapy and die anyway. A chemotherapy option, when confronted with cancer, is not an easy choice.


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