Friday, October 2, 2015

Japan on Way Down Slippery Slope of Fascism

Japan is heading fast down the slippery slope of fascism:

1. In 2014 a new state secrets law went into effect that criminalizes revelations of state secrets even if the information disclosed has not formally been designated as a state secret

2. LDP's Abe pushed to eliminate social science and humanities programs from Japanese universities by cutting funding, thereby eliminating academic professionals whose job it is to study social dynamics. Presumably this move makes society less reflexive and more easily controlled.

3. LDP has pushed to revise history, including denying the enslavement of comfort women during World War II, provoking outrage all over Asia.

4. The LDP is aggressively pushing for re-starting of nuclear plants, including those located on faults and located near active volcanoes, despite widespread opposition in Japan. The LDP is also promoting use of MOX fuel in reactors despite unit 3's cataclysmic explosion.

5. The LDP has aggressively pushed through legislation that changes interpretation of Japan's post-World War II constitution, allowing the country to participate in overseas military operations with the US. This move has been very unpopular and resistance has been great.

6. Most recently, the LDP has perfected the art of obscuring transparency by destroying, or failing to record at all, deliberations on changes to the constitution:
Legislation bureau asked to review documentation on Constitutional reinterpretation

A nonprofit organization has made a written request to the director-general of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau to review its documentation process, following earlier revelations that the bureau left no official record of its deliberations on the government's reinterpretation of Japan's war-renouncing Constitution.
I do not doubt the US is playing an important role in promoting these fascistic moves (except for the comfort women issue, which is probably a gigantic headache for the US)

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Japanese scholars combat LDP changes:

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  1. yep. japanese people better take a stand or face mass incarceration repression and even large scale govt killings soon

  2. This may be a subconscious response to the knowledge that Japan has been destroyed by Fukushima Daiichi. Soon the whole island will become a dangerous place to live. So all the repressed desires are now coming out to dance and play in the public. If we had a map of the world we could see this deadly radiation slowly taking over one nation after another. Finally the planet would say farewell to most life for perhaps a few million years. After all our life here has been only a parenthesis in Eternity. A drop in an infinite ocean. On some level the collective mind of Japan already knows its fate.

  3. Majia - when I tweet your posts - twitter analytics regularly tells me you have a large following - thousands of impressions/clicks vs. 100s re: my tweets. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.


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