Thursday, October 15, 2015

Doesn't Sound Good

Michael Wines, New Concern Over Quakes in Oklahoma Near a Hub of U.S. Oil, The New York Times, October 14, 2014, accessed October 15, 2015,

A sharp earthquake in central Oklahoma last weekend has raised fresh concern about the security of a vast crude oil storage complex, close to the quake’s center, that sits at the crossroads of the nation’s oil pipeline network.

The magnitude 4.5 quake struck Saturday afternoon about three miles northwest of Cushing, roughly midway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The town of about 8,000 people is home to the so-called Cushing Hub, a sprawling tank farm that is among the largest oil storage facilities in the world.

Scientists reported in a paper published online last month that a large earthquake near the storage hub “could seriously damage storage tanks and pipelines.” Saturday’s quake continues a worrisome pattern of moderate quakes, suggesting that a large earthquake is more than a passing concern, the lead author of that study, Daniel McNamara, said in an interview....

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  1. The people running America are mostly quite primitive. You might think of them as smart monkeys. They have the power and often the wealth to mask their real natures; but take any warring society from history and you find the same types. They may be very clever, but they are also very superficial. Their foresight lies only along quite horizontal lines that run through their own limited and self centered fields.
    Given the great power made possible by science and technology this is a sad fact that these people are nearly impossible to stop. Now we have the situation in St. Louis where the disposal company sort of overlooked the fire traveling towards radioactive materials. Fracking of course has long been known as an environmental evil and the likely cause of earthquakes. What next?
    Too bad we can not build a zoo and put these clever monkeys in it!


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