Thursday, October 8, 2015

Inconsistent Webcam Imagery from TEPCO Cams 1 and 4

I've noticed a couple inconsistencies with atmospheric conditions across the TEPCO cams 1 and 4.

Usually there exists close correspondence in atmospheric steam and camera distortion levels across the cams.

The last couple of days I noticed there was a disjuncture, which I noted in my blogs.

PhillipUpNorth posted a comment at Enenews which may help explain the recent divergence in atmospheric conditions across the cams:

Unit 1 Ruins Roof panels have been completely removed.

"October 5, 2015
Tepco has removed all roof panels from the unit #1 enclosure. The final 42×7 meter panel was lifted off this morning by a crane. There was no change in radiation levels around the destroyed reactor building during the removal of all six panels over the past three months. The large plastic sheets that comprise the walls of the enclosure will be removed next so that full debris cleanup can be implemented. The goal is to eventually remove all bundles from the spent fuel pool and transfer them to the ground-level storage facility."

Majia here: I have to wonder whether lighting has been altered, or an extra-dark filter has been fitted over the unit 1 cam lens, so that the previous visible emissions from unit 1 are clouded (for example, see here for evidence of past emissions from unit 4:

October 9 1:02 Unit 4 Cam

October 9 1:04 Unit 1 Cam