Thursday, October 29, 2015

Comparing the Night Time Red Flickering Light Shot with Day Time Screenshot

Earlier today I posted about a red flickering light above the common spent fuel pool. (here )

What is the red flickering light?

I think its new. If not, it has never before been so pronounced as to draw my attention as it did today.

Here is a screenshot:

October 30 3:08 AM

I could still see, but only barely, the flickering light at dawn, when it appeared more purple.

Now in broad daylight the flickering light is not visible.

Here are comparative screenshots, with the daytime crop taken 10/30 11:04 AM:


What I notice is that the area that is red in the night screen shot appears bluish if you look closely to the day time shot.

I'm wondering whether the fuel in the common spent fuel pool is heating up.

Remember that TEPCO claimed unit 4's spent fuel pool fuel was moved to the common spent fuel pool (or what they could get out was moved).

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