Saturday, March 22, 2014

Strange Glow Near Unit 4 Evening of March 20, 2014

I strongly recommend viewing Nuckelchen's videos of emissions from the last week:

Fukushima Daiichi Horror Show 2014/03/21 part 2

Fukushima Daiichi Horror Show 2014/03/21

Fukushima Daiichi Horror Show 2014/03/21

Hell's kitchen @ fukushima daiichi npp 2014 03 21

Could melted fuel in the underground river be producing massive radioactive steam emissions?

I sure hope not.


  1. Looking back at your entry, Research Mission: The Politics of Species Survival, brought to mind the doctor in Belarus who did an immense amount of research on children after Tchernobyl. The children there were suffering horrible from effects, He made lots of discoveries and was then stuck in jail for a number of years. Now we find Japan acting similarly by allowing children to remain in a very dangerous area. Apparently we need the bombs for "protection" and nuclear reactors are a "beneficial" by product. Atoms for peace! No mention in MSM of what is happening to the children. Now if this was Russia . . . So society is as barbaric as it ever was and full of Bedlimites. My daughter is engaged to a physicist in NM. He might get a job at Los Alamos. So even the educated seem uninformed. And I am hesitant to say anything.


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