Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SpiderWebs Now

Earlier this morning I noted that Fukushima is steaming.

Now the spiderwebs are starting. This phenomenon is typically, but not exclusively, associated with rain and there is considerable debate among webcam watchers whether the effect derives from radioactive raindrops on the cam lens or whether the spiderwebs are some type of plasma that emerges in high precipitation because the buildings are so radioactive. Remember that Tepco reported one vent was 25 sieverts an hour! I'm leaning towards the plasma explanation but remain uncertain:

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  1. The following article was written by the risk expert who wrote THE BLACK SWAN. Although the article targets GMO's the logic applies perfectly to nuclear power.
    "Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs fall squarely under [the precautionary principle, i.e. the rule that we should err on the side of caution if something is really dangerous] not because of the harm to the consumer because of their systemic risk on the system." In other words, something like nuclear power is so dangerous that it could end up destroying the planet. This sort of risk in order to make a few people rich is ridiculous. I found the article excellent,
    It should provide some new ideas for opposing nuclear power. Interestingly using his logic the first nuclear bomb test should not have been done as the scientists were not sure but that it might set off a planet wide catastrophe and was certainly no longer needed for the war effort which was virtually over.


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