Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spider-Web Phenomenon


  1. I gotta run right now but very quickly it was private autism foundation money.

    We approached every major private funding source for autism research we could find.

    I can provide the rationale later, but I think the evidence is pretty clear that ionizing radiation can be linked to the de novo micro-deletions found in higher number among people with autism and similar disorders.

    I'll provide more info when i can…

    Majia per your above, please provide links when you can

    My brother figured out in 2012/1013 that he has Aspergers. i believe that 2011 kicked it into higher and more noticeable gear.

    He self diagnosed and then medically confirmed. He is high functioning in some areas, esp thinking outside the box, and weak in others (face reading, social interaction)

    The fuku / radiation link would be interesting.

    1. I'll try and put together a post this week on autism and radiation

      Sorry for the slow response


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