Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why is Tepco Admitting Loss of Power at the Fukushima Daiichi Plant and Why Isn't the World Responding?

It is very unusual for Tepco to admit any significant problems at Daiichi. So, I am perplexed as to why it would publicly acknowledge loss of power needed for spent fuel pool cooling at Daiichi twice over a 3 week period: 

Fukushima nuclear plant's cooling system goes offline for 3 hours (2013, April 5) 

M. Fackler (19 March 2013) ‘Blackout Halts Cooling System at Fukushima Plant’, The New York Time,


Majia here: Daiichi is the first of a series of nuclear dominoes that could fall, producing a potential ELE. Prime Minister Kan explained this risk in his video-taped address to the Fukushima Symposium held March 11, 2013 at the National Academy of Medicine in NY.

Is Tepco admitting the loss-of-cooling functions as a kind of coded SOS (call for help) or warning to world authorities?

Daini and Tokai would be next in line to fall if Daiichi becomes so hot that work becomes impossible.

Humanity, not simply Japan, is facing extinction should multiple nuclear power plants fail and yet Tepco's announcements of power failures at Daiichi are represented by the mainstream press as 'routine' obstacles warranting no special interventions or public response by officials.

I am Alice living in a very dark wonderland.



  1. We are too deep in denial. Even my husband doesn’t want to know.
    I feel I’m relatively unique because I want to face reality.
    Maybe they are now gradually releasing real information so we (the general public) can slowly adapt to what is ahead of us.

  2. Yes that admission was strange

    And the poison water leak admission too.

    Very odd.

  3. IAEA is overseeing the overseers of the containment of the power plant! Everybody remain extremely calm!

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    1. just reposted same, but with my profile image (slow learner...

  5. yes, this is disturbing, and more than a little depressing - excellent (as usual) synthesis at
    I'm afraid we have to accept the second hypothesis: Fukushima Daiichi is a gaping, bleeding wound that will be "leaking" for decades, who even knows where the cores are? why isn't this mystery and its medical implications headline news in every paper in the world??? why do people want to pretend this isn't happening? TEPCO only admits what it can't hide, Obama knew by the end of March 2011 about his contaminated sailors, and the children of Japan? sacrificed to protect "the industry" and criminal geopolitical power - so I'd say this latest acknowledged "leak" is only the visible tip of the iceberg, our failure to respond effectively as a global community is the real crisis, the corporate model is a death wish, and more war is their solution, takes our minds off the mess they've made, and they get richer in the process, devil's bargain, hell to pay... but ho! mitayuke oyasin, be kind to all and thank you for caring


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