Thursday, April 11, 2013

Outrageous! Fed Provides Big Banks "Insider Info"

The Federal Reserve Bank does NOT represent the interests of US citizens. Rather, it represents the interests of the big banks.

If you have any doubts about my claim, then read this story from the Wall Street Journal today:

Sparshott, J., Hilsenrath, J., & Mullins, B. (2013, April 11) 'Feb Flub Sparks New Data Concerns' The Wall Street Journal, pp. A1, A8.

[Excerpted] Some of the biggest banks and investment firms on Wall Street were among those that received minutes of the Federal Reserve's latest policy meeting 19 hours before the market-sensitive document was released.

The Fed said Wednesday that a staff member in its congressional liaison office accidentally released minutes of a March 19-20 policy meeting Tue afternoon to many of his contacts, including Washington representatives at Goldman Sachs Group INc., Barclays Capital, Wells Fargo & Co, Citigroup Inc., and UBS AG...and Carlyle Group.... [end]

Majia here: This was NO ACCIDENT. It was deliberate because no staffer could be so ignorant of the LAWS AGAINST INSIDER INFORMATION, which this leak represents a violation of.

I say PROSECUTE all who took the information as INSIDER TRADERS and prosecute the Fed Reserve staffer and LEADERSHIP responsible for this atrocity.

The US is no democracy. It is a PLUTONOMY run by the elite and for the elite.

I've had a enough today.

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