Friday, April 26, 2013

Criticality at Daiichi in Early April?

Fukushima Diary notes that cesium levels in Tokyo were very high in March, the highest since 2011.

Fallout level in Tokyo was the highest this March since May of 2011

Posted by Mochizuki on April 26th, 2013

Majia here: I've documented the strange anomalies I witnessed in March (see end of post for some examples).

Fukushima Diary also reported that high levels of noble gasses indicative of a nuclear criticality were detected in Japan April 8 and 9:

CTBT measured unusually high level of Xe-133 and Xe-131m 4/8~4/9, Vienna “It’s due to N. Korea”

Posted by Mochizuki on April 23rd, 2013

Majia Here: Some examples of my posts of strange sightings around the time of the probable criticality at Fukushima:

Why is the Fog Pink at Fukushima April 5

TBS and Tepco Cams Obscured April 6

Why is Tepco Admitting Loss of Power at Daiichi April 6

What is Going on at Fukushima April 7

[Excerpted from this April 7 post] Watch the ocean water turn pinkish and the buildings glow white

It looks to me as if the red taint to the ocean is from a gas release from the building. What would produce that pinkish-purplish tint evident in the video and seen so often at the plant?

The pink tint has been ongoing for some time, but seems more pronounced recently (e.g., see the pink fog). 

Anne from Enenews suggested once it was cesium.

Perhaps the spent fuel in the pools is becoming hot enough to vaporize, but not yet hot enough for flames?

Although, another video raises more questions. What is going on inside unit 2?  

Unit 2 is covered in a tent. Is that some sort of gaseous fire inside of 2 or is it an optical illusion caused by the sun reflecting off of the unit 2 tarp?

Is this 'fire' analog linked with the pink/purplish emissions? 

Today on the TBS Cam (Orange Glow Stick) April 7

Strange Lights Visible on TBS Cam April 9

Fukushima Oddities April 12 

These strange phenomena roughly documented through screen shots seem be worsening. Today I observed 

I believe conditions continue to deteriorate at the plant.


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