Sunday, October 7, 2012

On Fukushima Beach: An Incredible Video

The film is an interpretive collage of research findings, expert opinions and developments pertaining to the Fukushima disaster.

Here are a few comments that were made in the film that I PARAPHRASED:

Helen Caldicott: 20 generations for recessive mutations to be expressed fully.

HC: Plutonium is already in men’s testes from atmospheric testing.

HC: Body thinks plutonium is iron and so stored in liver

HC: Plutonium passes through placenta

NARRATOR: Article 15 of the constitution allowed for censorship in Japan

NARRATOR: Decision to not evacuate Tokyo was not based on public health but rather based on desire to avoid panic and to create a sense of normalcy.

ARNIE GUNDERSEN:  He discusses soil samples taken in Tokyo, which were all so contaminated as to be classified as radioactive waste.

GUNDERSEN: Gundreson notes (via New York times) that 200 tons of water are going into the reactors each day. Its coming out as radioactive steam and radioactive water. Contaminated water is leaking from trenches into oceans. LEVELS 3000x higher than standards offshore

GUNDERSEN: Collapse of building 4 50X amount of radioactive cesium released from Chernblyl. If the rest of plant goes, 85 X Chernobyl.

DR PAOLO SCAMPIA: Tokyo station measured at 25X maximum permissible artificial hourly dose.

Chemical physicist at 28 minutes: Classic radiation illnesses afflicting children – extreme lethargy, sudden heart attacks, nose bleeds hair and nail losses. People going to hospitals for these symptoms are being told they need psychiatric help.

NARRATOR: 23 mark 1 plants operating in the US.

NARRATOR: Queen of England 30% of her money in nuclear and uranium.
[end comments]


Occupy Ukiah TV - Episode 19 - Interview with Mr. Yastel Yamada, founder of the Fukushima Skilled Veterans Corp.

Mr. Yastel Yamada, a retired engineer and founder of the Fukushima Skilled Veterans Corps, spoke in Ukiah about repairing the failing cooling system at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan on July 30, 2011. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was heavily damaged by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

Comments Paraphrasing

Fuel has melted down and eroded concrete. No one has seen fuel and all the information made available is based on computer estimates. The vessel bottom may be broken.

At 33:48 he notes that 35% of the debris at 3 Mile Island was powder. Some of the corium at Fukushima may be powder as well, posing grave clean up challenges.

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