Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cesium Children

Majia here: Blogger Ex-SKF has a very sad report about children in Japan:

Ex-SKF Sunday, September 30, 2012
#Radioactive Japan: WBC Result of a Child in Iwaki City, #Fukushima Seems to Suggest Chronic Ingestion of Radioactive Cesium of More than 10 Bq Per Day
[Excerpted] Iwaki City in southern Fukushima Prefecture has been testing the residents in higher radiation districts since November last year using the Whole Body Counter (WBC) for internal radiation exposure. On September 25, the municipal government announced the result of the test for about 12,000 residents. (Iwaki City's population is about 330,000.)

Iwaki City's radiation levels are moderately high (it was on the path of the radioactive plume (or cloud) on March 15, 2011), but compared to the municipalities in Nakadori (middle third, including Date City, Fukushima City, and Koriyama City) and northern Hamadori (ocean-side third, including Futaba-machi, Okuma-machi, and Namie-machi) they are much lower. Still, the test has found one child with 3,300 becquerels of radioactive cesium....

...Internal radiation exposure above the detection limit of 420 becquerels was found in 9.4% of children tested, while in adults, with much bigger sample numbers, it was only 2.8%, with much lower maximum exposure (990 becquerels).

If the child was tested in November when Iwaki City started testing children under 18 in the particular districts within the city known for higher levels of radiation, then it was about 8 months, or 240 days from the time of the accident. Looking at the chart from ICRP publication 111, page 21, in order to reach 3,300 becquerels in 240 days, the child would have to be ingesting much more than 10 becquerels of radioactive cesium per day, more likely over 20 becquerels and possibly close to 30 becquerels per day.....

Anonymous said...
Why were children found with internal radiation exposure at a much higher percentage than adult women? Cause the kids were tested earlier. Had they started testing in September like in Minamisoma, the percentage of kids over detection limits would have most likely been higher: http://www.city.minamisoma.lg.jp/mpsdata/web/6171/3.gif

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  1. thanks for reposting that link on increasing radiation in the US. it got picked up by some of the big blogs, and by about 4 japanese blogs and news websites.

    Got 3000 visitors just from Japan, 6000 from rest of world.

    good visibility to a huge problem.


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