Monday, October 29, 2012

I used to love big storms...

I love the energy of big storms and strong currents of water.

They make me feel ALIVE and EXHILERATED.

But now a nagging fear eats my exhileration when a big storm looms.

I've learned from Fukushima that power disruptions signal potential threats to humanity.

What insanity is this?

We've forged a society that will extinguish itself in an unquenchable nuclear fire in the event of widespread and extended power outages.

The arrogance of a species that would engineer such vulnerability into their civilization is matched only by its stupidity.

The species that thinks itself God, by failing to recognize its vulnerabilities and limitations, will soon exist not at all.


Hurricane Sandy May Score a Direct Hit On Spent Fuel Pools at Nuclear Plant Posted on by WashingtonsBlog 


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  1. Yep, my sentiments exactly, greed and ego leading us to put it all on the line, our DNA our ability to live at all.

    Nuke is disgusting how it can draw the best and brightest into this sexy science death trap.


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