Thursday, May 31, 2012

Declining Opportunities for Young People

Job recovery is scant for Americans in prime working years By Peter Whoriskey, The Washington Post

[Excerpt] "The proportion of Americans in their prime working years who have jobs is smaller than it has been at any time in the 23 years before the recession, according to federal statistics, reflecting the profound and lasting effects that the downturn has had on the nation’s economic prospects.

By this measure, the jobs situation has improved little in recent years. The percentage of workers between the ages of 25 and 54 who have jobs now stands at 75.7 percent, just a percentage point over what it was at the downturn’s worst, according to federal statistics...."

[end excerpt]

"Poverty Rate 42.8% for 25-to-34-Year"
Dougherty, C., & Murray, S. (2010, September 17). Lost Decade for Family Income. The Wall Street Journal, p. A1, A4.


Income of Young People Down Dramatically

The Kids Are Not Doing Ok


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