Saturday, May 12, 2012

Karl Grossman: "Response to the massive Fukushima radioactive discharges has been a massive cover-up and outright denial"

Majia here: Exactly right! Read Grossman's excellent essay:

Fukushima Updated: What They Won’t Tell You by Karl Grossman

[Another excerpt from the article (Grossman quoting Sherman)]

The Fukushima disaster will be worse than Chernobyl,” Dr. Sherman emphasizes. “No question. This is because it is continuing. They have not stopped the releases of radioactivity—God knows if they ever will.” Moreover, the area in that part of Japan is “far more populated” than the region around Chernobyl, about 60 miles from Kiev, Ukraine’s capital.

[end excerpt]

Hat tip: Tuni at Enenews

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