Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fukushima REALLY Steaming Away

Heart of the Rose posted the link. Here is her description of the video clip from 5/16/2012
May 16 2012..
..Emissions from the left to begin with..
All reactors and behind the "work light" ..rare gas building..are just spewing.
Then emissions from the Common Spent Fuel Pool area..
At 1:00 look at the tops of reactors 1 and 2.
By approx. 1:20..Unit 1 can be seen to increase activity.

Majia here: Potrblog is reporting detections of recent fission activities: 

"The sample also had readings which point to a recent nuclear fission and control rod fire occurring within the last few weeks. The results of that testing are presented in the video below..."

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