Monday, May 7, 2012

The Real Super Heroes

I was dragged to the Avengers movie with my boys.

I kept thinking while watching the film that the REAL super heroes are the workers at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant who are sacrificing their lives to save Japan and the northern hemisphere:

Many of them may have been tricked into working at the plant.

Media reports suggest they are not treated well.

Tragically, we don't know their names. 

We don't have an opportunity to offer them our thanks. 

We don't celebrate their efforts, nor mourn their deaths.

There is something very wrong here.


Hat tip for video link: Wideawake
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  1. Glad you took your boys to the Avengers movie. I went with my wife to see the Hunger Games. It's kind of the other end of the spectrum and more like we are facing now with Nukashambles...a future society that has already suffered a toxic bomb massacre of the human race.

    Just a few thousand survive. Great movie and I look forward to the next two movies from the book trilogy.


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