Friday, May 4, 2012

At a Loss: We've Lost the Capacity for Self Preservation

I really do not know what to write today. That is pretty unusual for me.

I'll just include some headlines today until I regain my ability to write:

Fukushima Diary is Reporting Hydrogen is Concentrating at unit 2:

I think I read that the concentration has to be 4% before an explosion can occur and so far it is below that.

Potrblog describes the radioactive fog at the Fukushima plant. Tragically, a cat is involved.

No news of nuclear issues in Kyodo, NHK, or Japan Today. Mainichi has a bizarre and disturbing article titled: 

As Japan shuts down nuclear power, emissions rise

The article discusses a projected 15% rise of carbon emissions due to the shutdown of nuclear plants.

No mention of radiological emissions.

I'm wordless.

No Japanese media seem capable of discussing the desperate pleas to the UN by Japanese diplomats and civic organizations for help stabilizing Fukushima.

I don't feel up to writing the latest news on fracking or Occupy or autism or anything else.

I just cannot believe that the biggest disaster in over 100 years of mega disasters is essentially being ignored by the media and the global population.

At least the cat in the video shown by Potrblog had the courage to run when s/he saw the radioactive gas encroaching.

Have we lost the capacity for self-preservation?

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